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The Brighton ‘Digiscape’ – Are you on it?

This month we have a guest blog post for you courtesy of Steve Penfold at Smart Digital Business, who has put together this fantastic map of the digital sector in Brighton using data from our Directory of Members.  So without further ado it's over to Steve:

Get your head around the digital landscape of Brighton with The Brighton Digiscape!

Quickly see where your digital business fits in, which areas are under-served and most importantly, where you should be driving the direction of your digital business.

Why create the Brighton Digiscape?

You may already be familiar with the Lumascapes, which are sector landscapes created by investment bank LUMA Partners. They map the complex digital ecosystems (mainly for the US) across each digital sector. These have been fantastically popular, and I thought it would be beneficial to create one specifically for the digital sector in Brighton.

The Brighton Digiscape provides an overview of digital businesses in the city and which category they fall under. What’s interesting about this visualisation is that you can quickly identify which areas are well served and which aren’t. This allows you to easily see where your digital business fits in to the overall landscape and also acts as a quick guide for purchasers of digital services and products.

Great, but how can the Brighton Digiscape help me?

The most useful element about the Digiscape however, are the insights it provides into the digital sector all from a simple visualisation. The data can help you determine where there is opportunity for growth and expansion in the various digital sectors within Brighton.

This information could help if you are looking to grow your existing digital products and services, or start a new one as it  can enable you to identify which categories are under-served (or at least, under-marketed).

The Brighton Digiscape isn’t perfect. Here’s why;

  • The Digiscape uses data directly from where company logos been supplied. This means that if no logo is available, the business doesn’t feature
  • Not every digital business in Brighton is a member of Wired Sussex
  • Some digital businesses may not have updated their categories in the Wired Sussex Directory recently.

 The original & full article is available here ....

Follow Steve on Twitter @steve_penfold 

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