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Would you like to help us create and pilot ideas for The FuseBox?

Over the last two weeks I have been meeting start-up entrepreneurs, industry veterans and others working in the creative and tech to understand their challenges and needs. My goal is so make The FuseBox an inspiring and valuable asset for our industry.

Two things have become clear from these discussions: 1) we need to create the activities that happen in The FuseBox together as a sector; 2) we need to integrate the various parts of the sector, fusing together creative and tech as well as people and companies at different stages of development to create a melting pot of collaboration, ideas and innovation.

To make this real, the approach we're taking is one of rapid prototyping and piloting of activities. If we try out a diverse range of things we will allow ourselves to fail fast and learn what delivers the most value. This is where you come in. We'd like to invite members of the creative and tech sector to take part in generating and testing ideas with us. This could be anything from mentoring, mindfulness training, peer-to-peer support groups, creative and innovation workshops, hackathons and much more.

We will be holding ideas workshops most Thursdays from 2:00 - 4:00pm in The FuseBox. These sessions have an open invitation for anyone in the sector to come along and develop ideas together which we can then pilot over the coming months. We have a real opportunity here to innovate and try new things so I want everyone to know that my default answer to new ideas is YES.

So if you have ideas for The FuseBox or are just curious about what's cooking over here then please come along (Google Map.) You don't need to register in advance. The first workshop is on Thurs 23 May at 2:00. You're still very welcome to email me (tom dot nixon at wiredsussex dotcom) to arrange a different time to come in for a chat or just share an idea with me. We'll also be holding some evening events for people who can't get away during the working day. They'll be listed on the Wired Sussex calendar and you can subscribe to event alerts too.

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