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Pilot projects underway at The FuseBox

We had the second FuseBox Open Workshop last week. Once again we had a wonderful group of people from Brighton's creative and digital sector and we made good progress.

We clarified the purpose of the FuseBox. We are working towards creating a sustainable model of learning and support to help the creative and digital industry in Brighton to flourish.

Building on the ideas from the first workshop, a number of pilot project ideas have been progressed. We fleshed out the ideas, worked out who's taking ownership and what the next steps are.  A summary of what's happening is below, and you can register to come along on Thursday this week (6 June) to work on these ideas with us (or suggest your own ideas for pilot projects.

1. Piloting a school of creative entrepreneurship
Denmark, Holland and Switzerland all have schools of creative entrepreneurship, equipping their students with the skills (and everything else) that you need to thrive in a chaotic world. Their programmes are built on improvisation, mindfulness, playfulness and project design. So, how do we start one of those in Britain?

2. Ship-it
An opportunity for anyone who has an arts, creative, digital or tech idea that they are stuck with to get free and focussed professional and peer-to-peer advice.

3. Big data hackathon
A weekend-long hackathon to do cool things with big datasets.

4. FuseBox Space
Opening event to launch the exhibition space at start of September as part of the digital festival. If it works, it may become a rolling monthly programme, showing Brighton artists’ work. All creative work can be shown, including traditional media, crafts based and digital.

Additionally, we have a couple of other events in the works: One for makers, and another for graduates and others taking their first steps into the sector.

If you would like to come along this Thursday 6 June from 1:45 - 4:00 to help us develop these ideas then please register here. Anyone from the arts, creative and digital sector in Brighton is welcome.

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