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We're building a Library

When people visit The FuseBox we invite them to bring a book and leave it here for others to read. Our space is about sharing ideas and we hope this is one way to achieve that goal. Here are some of the books that people have left, who has left them and why.

Maverick - "Flame haired beauty, Maverick – it got me started on different ways of doing business".  Donated by Jenni Lloyd @NixonMcInnes.

Watching the English -  "Know your audience".  Donated by Alick Mighall @miggle

The Extended Phenotype - "Reading this book will add +10 to your intelligence". Donated by Andrew Eades  @andreweades

Alice in Wonderland - "Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would never read yourself", George Bernared Shaw. Best of luck! From Plug-In Media.”  Donated by Juliet Tzabar @juliettzabar

ReDesign the Web - "Here's to all the awesome that FuseBox will spark".  Donated by Aral Balkan @aral

She Said What? - "Good luck in your new space!".  Donated by Barbara Goodfellow @bsgoodfellow

The Mindful Manifesto – “Because being is as important as doing.  Donated by Tom Nixon @tomnixon

Business Analysis Techniques – “Please use all the three techniques in your venture - OR sod it all and have a great enthusiastic & innovative time”.  Donated by Donna Comerford @DonnaComerford

Culture Shock – “Yay! FuseBox FTW. Big love”.  Donated by Will McInnes @willmcinnes

Competing for the Future - "Learn from others who've done it before". Donated by Jason Woodford @JasonAEWoodford

The Innovative Leader, The Art of Innovation, Making Innovation Work -   Donated by Jim Byford @RockJimByford

The Demographic Enterprise -   Donated by Peter Burden @peteburden

Unlike Us Reader -   “Less is more.  Enjoy!”   Donated by Caroline Bassett from University of Sussex

Create Scene -  Donated by Sue Gollifer @suegoll

Mythology -  “Best of luck FuseBox”.  Donated by Anna Muir @doingitforgood

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - "Reading this book will add +10 to your happiness".  Donated by Andrew Eades @andreweades

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?  Donated by Joanna Tolley

The New Economics – “Because we desperately need one!”  Donated by Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas

The New Home Front - “Because we need to learn how to make rapid change – fast!”  Donated by Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas

Competing for the Future - "Learn from others who've done it before".  Donated by Jason Woodford @SiteVisibility

Babble – “Happy housewarming. A good read for those moments when you need to be disrupted. Enjoy!”.  Donated by Jennifer Wells from University of Brighton

An Inconvenient Truth - Good luck from the Economic Partnership.  Donated by Tony Mernagh @tony_mernagh

Practical Spellcraft – “Keep up the good work! (page 117 may help with this)”.  Donated by Luke Hay @hayluke

The Child in the City – “tears down the walls”.  Donated by Nick Hibberd @nickhibberd1

Experiment at Work – “Experiment and have fun”.  Donated by Phil Green @MDHUB

Japan, Illustrated Conversation Book – “To the lovely folk at Wired Sussex.  All roads lead to Japan - or at least they do in my book!”  Donated by Roxy Borowska @Ribot

Do More Faster – “To The FuseBox. Congratulations!” . Donated by Steve Penfold @steve_penfold

Steve Jobs   “Be inspired!”.  Donated by Fresh Egg @FreshEgg

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