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Creative and digital innovators and mentors: We'd like your input

We're developing a pilot project at The FuseBox to provide learning and support to innovators in the creative and digital sector. By 'innovators' we mean people who are: starting up new businesses or going self-employed; developing new products and services within existing organisations; or 'pivoting' existing businesses from one business model to a different one. The pilot will bring in a broad range of mentors from the sector to work with the innovators to help them on their journey (as well as a bunch of other cool ideas that are in the pipeline.)

The purpose of the pilot is to learn by doing, so we will be using it as an opportunity to test and evaluate a bunch of ideas to see what works best and creates the most value for everyone involved. At the moment it's slated to run for four weeks from 19 Aug to 13 Sept 2013.

We are holding two workshops at The FuseBox this week to involve people from the sector in the development of the pilot. They are a chance for anyone curious about participating as an innovator or mentor to come along and hear a bit more about what we're planning and to give us some input and feedback. We'd love to hear what gifts you might be able to bring to the pilot and what your needs are so that we can try to meet them too. You're very welcome to come to either or both. Please register using the links below:

Workshop for people interested in mentoring: Thursday 18 July, 13:45 (for a prompt 14:00 start) until 15:30.

Workshop for innovators: Friday 19 July, 10:45 (for a prompt 11:00 start) until 12:30.

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