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Good luck Will McInnes, and thanks

Wired Sussex board member Will McInnes is taking on a new role with Brandwatch in New York. You can see details on the NixonMcInnes blog.

Will has been a great friend and supporter of Wired Sussex and of Brighton. We wish him all the best and hope our paths will continue to cross. Here is his letter of resignation from the Wired Sussex board:

"Phil, Alex,

It is with a truly heavy heart that I must resign my non-exec directorship from Wired Sussex.

I absolutely fucking LOVE what WS stands for and does day to day, and working with you and the rest of the board on building our community.

I have also learnt a great deal from you both and the experience.

It's been fun :)

I have put little effort in, compared to building NM, but lots of heart in because I truly care for the cause, and I will continue to have a special place for Wired Sussex wherever I go.

Could you take me off any formal registers or documentation?

With love!


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