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The Digital, Media and Tech Jobs Fair: Sometimes, the best things in life are free

We are giving our recruiting members the opportunity to exhibit free of charge at our upcoming jobs fair, and here's why it is very much worth your while.

Our sector needs a near-constant influx of highly, and specifically, skilled people to keep it moving forward; but as a recruiting company, making sure you’re getting the right talent is hard. Making sure that you’re their first choice can be even harder.

The Digital, Media and Tech Jobs Fair, powered by Wired Sussex, aims to provide opportunities: to speak to jobseekers face to face, to showcase what you do effectively, and to attract the best to work for you.

By being sector specific and niche, The Digital, Media and Tech Jobs Fair has the ability to attract both the right talent and the right companies, undiluted by other industries exhibiting alongside. The focus on matching our member’s digital jobs with digital talent, media with media and tech with tech, means that we are inviting graduates and professionals with relevant experience and/or qualifications; those who know that they want to work in the sector and have a passion for it, not just those who are looking for all types of work.

We already have a successful jobs board which continually succeeds in helping our members to find the talented people they need to grow their business. But, thanks to our newest project The Intern Placement Programme, we have been able to expand the board’s success, meaning face-to-face communication with lots of the skilled workers you could be looking for.

The fair is not only about jobs and those seeking them, though. It’s also about networking – with other companies, with skills providers and with the many multi-skilled freelancers Wired Sussex have as members. The event can provide a valuable platform for people to get to know your company and what you do, raising your profile and sticking in their minds for future roles (plus there will be drinks and networking after!).

So, with so many incentives and benefits, there is plenty of value in a free stand at The Digital, Media and Tech Jobs Fair. All you have to do to qualify is recruit between now and June 6th 2014 via our Jobs Board.

For more information on how to join us at the fair visit the web page or email Carmel, Intern Placement Programme Events Co-ordinator, on

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