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Creative, Digital and IT Open Studios are for everyone!

For 5 days this September, as part of Brighton Digital Festival, some of the biggest and brightest Brighton companies are opening their doors to show you what they do, where they do it and how.

The week-long event runs from 22nd to 26th September and is not only a great opportunity for those who work in the sector, but also to anyone with interest in the Brighton digital community.

Whether you’re new to it all or an old hand, the benefits of attending CDIT Open Studios events range from an update on what’s happening in the sector to extending your skills; from opportunities for collaboration, all the way through to casual networking and the chance for new contacts or friends.

Are you fascinated by forward-thinking, revolutionary businesses? Or maybe you’re just looking to engage with the sector more? You might even be looking to work in creative, digital or IT sector someday. Whatever you do, there’s an event at CDIT Open Studios for you.

Find out about what the sector does – from design to code, user experience to digital marketing. If you work in one area, why not explore another?

Come along and see some amazing office spaces, meet brilliant people and see what this fast-growing sector can offer.

Find out which companies are taking part and what they're doing on the website here.

To make the most of your Open Studios experience, we have some handy tips and tricks for networking. And remember, we have a full events calendar too – check it out!

Companies, it’s not too late to get involved. If you’d like to show off where you do what you do, and how you do it, email for more information.

Join in and/or follow the conversation on Twitter at #BDFOpenStudios.

Carmel Anderson, Events Coordinator

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