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Jobs, Projects and a Happy Hello from the New Jobs and Talent Manager.

A happy HELLO to everyone who’s involved with Wired Sussex.  I’m Kelly, the new Jobs and Talent Manager and I am very excited to be here.

So, I’ve been in Brighton for 21 years this year (eek), a proud graduate from the University of Sussex, still in love with everything that is Brighton.  I’ve worked for Hays, the Department for Work and Pensions and Business in the Community in recruitment, employer advising, volunteer and project management.  I’ve freelanced for Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, along with a stint in Madagascar working in marine conservation, diving every day!  I’ve also run my own business, so understand the joys of being a start-up, freelancing and working from home.

Cycling, sea swimming, travelling, scuba diving and fabulous food keep me happy outside of work.

Supporting, advising, networking and keeping the city, and its Sussex home, buoyant and brilliant is what attracted me to Wired Sussex.  They’re a great team here at the Fusebox, which seems to be a reflection of the local Digital Media sector.

I manage the Jobs Board where you can post a vacancy and

the Projects Board

where you can post a short project. I am also here to advise you about:

- Good recruitment process
- Attracting the right people to work with you
- Growing your business

So what would make the jobs or projects board better for you?  How can I help you?

I’m always available for a cuppa and a chat so drop me an e-mail to or give me a call on 01273 692888.

Follow us on Twitter @wiredsussexjobs.

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