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How IPP can help you in the run up to Christmas...

With just under a month until Christmas, it's almost time for enjoying vast amounts of mulled beverages and  debuting those all important Christmas jumpers (especially in Laura Bevans case)!

Although the new year may still seem a long way off, statistics show that it's also a time for considering new career directions and advertising glimmering job opportunities.

A record number of jobseekers were set to have looked for new jobs around this time last year.  One popular jobs service reported a  '28% increase in people looking for a new role on Boxing Day' alone.

In addition it was reported that there's been a '367% increase in mobile job searches conducted on Boxing Day in the last three years.' (Jobsite, 2013)

Whether this job hunting peak is due to our ever more accessible mobile devices, or whether it's an inability to cope with our beloved families for extended periods of time, we don't know.

You may already be thinking about expanding your team in the new year, but have you thought about getting an advert up over Christmas?

If it's a junior that you're looking for, we have a team as part of the Intern Placement Programme that could make your life easier.

They'll sift through all applications and have the top CV's waiting for you to interview at the start of the new year.  There's even a 60% funded trial for the first 30 working days of your chosen candidates contract.

If this sounds like a great way to start your new year, all you need to do is register for a call to discuss your advert, or contact us directly on 01273 692888 before the 10th of December.

This will give us enough time to ensure it is marketed in the best possible way across the Christmas holidays. :)

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