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Digital Skills Summit Workshop Roundup 2 - Workplace Learning

If you missed the Digital Skills Summit last week here's the feedback from Alison-Mitchel Innes, Director of Talent from Brightwave and what she discussed in her workshop:

We were looking at workplace learning and aiming to address the following questions:

  • What is 70:20:10? How does it turn the issue of training, learning and the development of new (and existing) skills on its head?

A range of approaches to learning at work were contributed by the group.  These were mapped against three groups:

- Learning and Developing through Experience (70%)

- Learning and Developing through Others (20%)

- Learning and Developing through Structured formal courses (10%)

It became clear that the informal approaches (70%/20%) were used extensively in a number of ways across organisations.  Possibly without a clear awareness that this was where learning was really happening.

The benefits of recognising and harnessing the power of informal learning

Contributions included:

  • The importance of creating a cultural shift with leaders modelling informal learning behaviours and supporting it actively.  Spark,  Adventure, Wonder and Asking Questions were key themes.
  • The idea of self-managed learning and autonomy for learners (including one suggestion that learners should manage their own learning budget)
  • Recognising generational differences and expectations and supporting diversity in learning
  • Informal learning attracts the self-motivated.  How do you build that motivation in everyone?

How can knowledge sharing and collaboration reduce training costs and become a source of real competitive advantage?  

  • Brighton Digital Businesses are sharing and collaborative cultures
  • Massive amount of learning from peers (both within an organisation and cross-organisation - witness this summit)

How can digital organisations best enable this form of learning?

  • Sharing can be encouraged by creating culture of go-givers not just go-getters.  ie sharing is good for you and it's good for me
  • Technology needs to be in place to support informal learning.  Intranets, yammer, other tools have had some partial success.

Suggested areas for action were:

  • Would love to see closer involvement of professionals with the active development of skills/experiences of young people still in education.  How can we develop more opportunities for this?  (This action not really related to the topic but a strong theme nonetheless!)
  • Organisations need to think hard about what learning and development is like internally and how to make the cultural shift that sees informal, social and collaborative learning as at the heart of successful individual and organisational development.
  • Technologies that support shared learning need to be in place

Thanks to Alison for facilitating such a big group and for the feedback!

The full round up blog for the Digital Skills Summit is here.

The Digital Skills Summit: Powered by Wired Sussex was supported by The Regional Growth Fund and Sussex Learning Network.


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