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Intern Placement Programme released new funding after successfully reaching 113 internships!

We hope you all had a great Easter break and have been enjoying the sunshine over the course of this week.  It was a particularly great bank holiday for the Intern Placement Programme team, as we had all 113 internship placements in place before the bank holidays. This was due to the final numbers for the funded scheme and there were no plans to run the programme over the coming year.

However due to our high ratio of internship placements converting into full time roles, we have been released an extra 18 funded placements.   This means 18 more companies can have a 30 day internship, paying the living wage (with us covering 60% of the wages).

We really couldn't have wished for anymore and as you can imagine there are lots of smiling faces in the Wired Sussex HQ.  As always we couldn't have done any of this without your help and support. Our special thanks go to our members and all of the companies and interns that filled these 113 places - we've really enjoyed working with all of you!

As many of you may already know the aim of the scheme is to help connect companies with the best new junior talent.  We’ve worked hard to make the scheme as simple and straightforward for you as possible -by handling the advertising, short listing, contracting and payments for the duration of the placement.  Not only is this service free, but we also contribute 60% towards the cost of paying the intern for the first 6 weeks.

If you have been thinking about using the internship scheme then do get in touch and make sure you pick up one of the last 18 places.  Give us a call on 01273 692888 or email .

thank you

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