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Brighton Lives Digital Winners - Leapfrogg!

Throughout Brighton Digital Festival 2015 (1-27th Sept), Brighton & Hove based member companies created & shared innovative, inspirational and fun Vine videos. Their Vines answered two simple questions:

  • Why do you love working in Brighton?
  • Why do you love working for your company?

All tagged #BtnLivesDigi.

The winner, voted for by 5 local members, is Monika Varzinskaite, Paid Search Intern from Leapfrogg.

Hayley Maisley, Marketing Manager from Brightwave said "It was this vine from Monika that made me think "Leapfrogg really looks a great place to work"; she captured so much in her vine":

Check out the Winners Leapfrogg's blog.

 Code7 came 2nd with their stop motion commuter Vine:

Propellernet got the most likes on Vine:

The videos have had over 4000 views on Vine & jobs on our Jobs Board that were linked to the company Vines had exponentially more views than without.

Cogapp, Brightwave, 3Dify, Propellernet, Leapfrogg, Code7, Pure360, Bloom Worldwide, Madgex, HARE Digital, We Love Brighton, Brilliant Noise, Sussex University and the Wired Sussex team all took part.

A big thank you to Ocasta Studios, for designing our web page.

And thank you to everyone who took part!

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