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Brighton Lives Digital - Celebrating Brighton’s digital cluster, one Vine at a time!

Throughout Brighton Digital Festival 2015 (1st-27th Sept), Brighton & Hove based member companies are invited to create & share innovative, inspirational and fun Vine videos using #BtnLivesDigi.

Check out our first promo Vine:


It's a light, visual, fun & free way to celebrate & promote our cluster and the amazing companies that make it.


We’re asking participating companies to get their teams hyped up and sharing their stories through answering these two questions:

  • Why do you love working in Brighton?
  • Why do you love working for your company?

Each member company that signs up will run an internal competition for their staff to win a prize. Prizes being offered by members range from a bottle of fizz, a day off work, a crate of beer, a cash prize, it depends on how big you want your staff engagement to be? Your staff are your perfect brand & company ambassadors!

There are two ways for your employees to be crowned champions:

- the most likes on Vine - get sharing through ALL your social media channels
- the most impressive Vine videos - judged by a team of local member companies

The winners from each internal company competition will be entered to win a city wide competition. The Prize Winners Vines will appear on the Brighton Lives Digital website page, win a free Wired Sussex Job Advert & be featured on the We Love Brighton website.

  • By sharing your Vines through all your social media channels we'll reach out to more prospective employees.
  • We'll be sharing your Vines throughout September through our various social media channels.

Employees - Want to win? Remember to tag your vines with #BtnLivesDigi.

So we're asking you to be bold, be creative, be humorous & entertaining, be your Brighton Lives Digital. Think marketing, think video mastery.

Join in the celebration by signing up here.

As always if you have any questions please give me a shout on 01273 692888 or

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