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What is it?

ReCreate brings together a number of partners from across the South East of England and Northern France with the aim of stimulating the creative industries to support economic growth.

What value does it offer to the cluster?

Through this project we were able to offer support to SMEs to develop their business ideas through specialist business advice sessions, workspace and access to other creative and digital enterprises.

How you can get involved

Whilst the funding for this project has come to an end there are still a number of ways in which you are able to benefit from it.

There is a forum where you are able to collaborate on ideas, ask for advice or share news.

A series of videos were created as part of this project.



Twitter: @ReCreateEU

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Rebecca Groves

Hi, I'm Wired Sussex's Skills and Talent Strategy Lead. I oversee our skills and talent strategy for the regional digital sector. This includes the delivery of activity which addresses this strategy, such as our annual Talent festival, and working with members to help them benefit from our initiatives.

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