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Get involved in Retail Innovation and the Internet of things

DCC-Brighton-RGBFusing retail innovation with the internet of things (IoT) is one of our core themes here at the Digital Catapult Centre Brighton.

Last week we invited a number of industry experts to share their insights on trends and opportunities with over fifty participants. It  turned out to be a hugely enjoyable and productive afternoon.

In our quest to identify SMEs with an interest in collaborative innovation in this theme, the event was designed to provide an opportunity through short talks and group sessions, to share insights and develop ideas that could tackle challenges facing Brighton as example location through IoT technologies.

At the event we heard from local and national experts in the field, viewed case studies, and discussed potential applications for IoT technologies.

If you missed it you you can see each of the talks on our YouTube channel.

You can also view each of the speaker's presentations on slideshare here.

Following her talk, Eva Pascoe from Retail Futures provided the provocation which sparked a wide range of ideas from accessing, way-finding and navigating the city through targeted information resources and beacons to smart permits and other infrastructure innovations that would even help visitors discover quieter parts of the beach!

As this event was held to foster engagement, interaction and collaboration between attendees and the Digital Catapult Centre Brighton, we broke into groups between speakers, to discuss ideas and themes that had arisen from each.  As each of the seven groups presented its ideas to an enthusiastic reception, what was clear and exciting for us was the presence of the values of openness, collaboration and innovation established in the FuseBox.

Participants were invited to share something of themselves with each other and with us and as a result we've got over thirty individuals registered for a follow-up group session.

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So If you weren't able to make the event last week and are interested in getting involved, join us at the inaugural Group Meetup: Retail Innovation #1, on Wednesday 21st October from 6.00pm - 8.00pm at The FuseBox.

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