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Carrier neutral hosting at the heart of Brighton: Brighton Digital Exchange is Open for Business!

Back in September 2015 we launched the Brighton Digital Exchange, a business co-operative working to improve digital infrastructure and services in Brighton.

On Tuesday 8 December, the Brighton Digital Exchange Coop are inviting the creative, digital and tech community to learn more about the initiative and find out the benefits of joining the network.  Find out more from Brighton Digital Exchange secretary Shaun Fensom, below.

The new Brighton Digital BDX logoExchange - or BDX - is giving communications and Internet service providers a neutral landing point for local and Internet connectivity.

But that’s only half the story. BDX is equipped with a state-of-the-art hosting facility where local digital businesses can install servers with access to low cost, fast Internet transit.

In fact the whole idea is to bring those things together. BDX is a neutral place where networks meet. It’s like a B2B market, or exchange, an agreed place where businesses can buy and sell connectivity, hosting and value-added services. And it’s right here in the heart of Brighton’s digital and creative quarter. This opportunity to create a platform for trading between digital businesses is why Wired Sussex championed the project and has been instrumental in making it a reality.

The neutrality of BDX is guaranteed because it’s jointly owned and controlled by the businesses that use it. Any digital business that wants to use the exchange for servers or network equipment can join the BDX co-operative and become a joint owner with a voice in how the facility is run.

Joining BDX makes sense for any business that needs space to house its own servers or switching equipment, starting from a minimum quarter rack. Members have access to the separate comms room if they need it to bring in external connections - for example to connect another building in Brighton or to ‘backhaul’ to the Internet. Typical businesses that would benefit include:

• Agencies and developers providing clients with hosting
• Content providers with significant hosting requirements
• Internet, hosting and communications service providers

For businesses that don’t need so much space, or don’t want to run their own servers, BDX still offers big advantages. Existing members of BDX include establish hosting and Internet providers that can provide you with high quality managed hosting services - using dedicated or virtual servers, or indeed they can provide you with space for one or two of your own servers if that’s all you need.

If you’d like to know more about the Brighton Digital Exchange and what it can do for you then please join us at The FuseBox in New England House on Tuesday 8th December at 3pm to hear about what the BDX offers, meet others in the network and visit the host room.

Further event information and registration page here.

Alternatively, please do contact me for a chat and a visit to the facility.

Shaun Fensom, BDX Secretary


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