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Guest Blog - Brandwatch and the benefits of recruiting in December...

Global Recruitment Manager Brandwatch

Terry Swan, Global Recruitment Manager for Brandwatch gives us his insights about the benefits of recruiting in December.....:

New year, new job?

For many people Christmas is a time for reflection about the years achievements. Many employers use this time for performance and salary reviews as well as discussions about that bonus you've been striving hard all year to achieve. But what if these conversations do not go the way you'd hoped?..

Studies show that hiring is cyclical, with January and February often being the peak months for recruitment. Companies have drawn up their annual budgets, hiring plans and key decision makers have returned from the holiday break. So how do employers catch these candidates looking for a Q1 career move?

The average time to hire is rising as employers become more diligent with their hiring. For larger multinational organisations it's reasonable to factor 60 days elapsing from job posting to job offer. It is therefore the weeks leading up to Xmas that candidates scour the market and make the decision to click 'apply'.

In order for companies to win the so called war for talent and attract the top candidates, they should be advertising these openings in Q4. Initial prescreens and even first stage interviews should be conducted before the holiday period, to enable final stage interviews to conclude the hiring process in January.

Happy hiring over the holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year to all!

Terry Swann

Brandwatch | Global Recruitment Manager

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