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The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton: Store of the Future Pitstop Open Call

The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton wants to hear from any small or medium sized businesses interested in developing innovative approaches to Retail Innovation for our Pit Stop with Q&A and the Store of the Future happening in February.

This Pit Stop will explore new and innovative uses of technology for retailers to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide enhanced experiences for their customers. This Pit Stop will also look at new business models and product innovations within the retail sector and how this is shaping its future.

All people, regardless of age, gender or demographic, be it on their computer at home, in a physical store or travelling on their phone expect a personal, adaptable and valuable retail experience. Many large retail chains may have the resources to research and define these experiences for themselves but most can only focus on the bottom line. Therefore innovations need to be brought to these retailers and be used by real customers in order to get their buy in.

One initiative that is attempting this is the Store of the Future in the Netherlands where retail innovations can be tested in a live shopping environment.

How can I get involved?
Over one and a half days through a series of talks and collaborative workshops, participants will get a chance to engage with key stakeholders, industry experts and researchers to showcase, pitch, discuss and develop innovative approaches to retail experiences.

Challenges Areas
There will be the chance for 2 ideas to be developed and tested within the Store of The Future, have a look below at the current challenges

  • Multi platform content management system
  • Size measurement for fashion and shoes
  • Big data based personal in-store interaction
  • Fast (mobile) checkout
  • Loyalty (dwell time based)
  • Customer feedback tools (fast & easy)
  • Relevant sectors: DIY and Opticians
  • In-store self-service Apps (suggestions, finding products, advice)
  • Personalised digital signage

We also have challenge areas set by local retailers, check back here for updates

hiSbe is a new type of supermarket, with a social enterprise model that serves the interests of people and communities. There will be the chance for 2 ideas to be developed and tested within hiSbe, have a look below at the current challenges

  • Omni-channel product/supplier storytelling/narratives
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Dynamic content on store windows based on demographics
  • Improving customer experience within the store e.g during queues
  • Improving stock replenishment

If you are an innovator working in the above (or related) areas, please register your interest here.

Who is Q&A Research & Consultancy?
Since the founding in 2003, Q&A Research & Consultancy has grown into a leading consultancy partner in the retail industry. With a young, passionate team with professional retail experts, we help our clients every day to perform better in the dynamic retail environment. By using our knowledge and by conducting research of high quality, we provide you with practical advice and training at different levels in your organization.
The Store of the Future - an initiative by Q&A and the Municipality of The Hague offers a platform to consumers, retailers and partners to explore how the physical retail environment of the future will look like. Currently more than 15 retailers and more than 60 partners are testing out how technology can make shopping easier and more fun in the future.

Dates and times
The closing date to submit your interest for this Pit Stop is Tuesday 2 February 2015, 5pm. Please fill in the form here and our team will come back to you shortly. The Pit Stop takes place on 25 – 26 February 2016.

To apply, please click here.

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