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Getting That Dream Job in the Games Industry

We have a wealth of awesome games companies in Brighton and in Sussex. But how do you get to work for one of them?

Kayleigh Peskett previously from West Pier studio tells us how to stand out from the crowd:

How to get into the gaming industry….

All too familiar questions that we all hear too often in the technology business –

  • How do I get experience without a job?
  • How do I get a job without experience?
  • Where do I look for a career?
  • Who can help me?
  • Where do I start?

This is a fast-growing industry that is worth around $70bn, we are always evolving, always changing, always progressing and with that in mind, it really is an excellent time to be joining the gaming industry.

First of all, ask yourself – what would you like to do in this industry? If you are looking to get into a programming role, firstly you will need to learn how to code. There are, however, many different areas such as Games Art, Games Testing, Development, Design… the list goes on!

A degree is definitely helpful, a lot of employers will look for a good portfolio, passion and enthusiasm! However this is the very independent world and there are a lot of people who will teach themselves, be sure to surround yourself with other gaming enthusiasts who share your passion, mainly so you can bounce ideas off each other and work together.

Alex Saye, Programmer at West Pier Studio (Games Computing graduate from University of Lincoln who joined having achieved his First Class degree) says:

I feel it is important to gain exposure to development and also design, however, you will naturally lean more towards one than the other. To begin with, JavaScript and Python are good languages to learn, you can find tutorials online which will help you refresh your skills and teach you to code. In games development, one language we will all be familiar with is C++, however, don’t run before you can walk - take time to learn the more basic languages first. Unity and Game Maker have brilliant tutorials, they also have forums so you can seek help and advice from other programmers, who are always more than happy to help!

When you feel confident enough to make your first game, don’t aim too high as you will only be disappointed. Don’t think you will be able to create the next Candy Crush or FallOut 4. Try something simple, something you feel confident you will be able to see through to the end.

Lee Borrer, 3D Artist at West Pier Studio (BA Hons Computer and Video Games Art, 1st Class) says:

As a 3D Artist, it was important for me to gain a degree in Computer Games Art so I could be surrounded by people who had the same passion as me. To begin with, you need to be creative and have an enthusiasm for drawing, painting and colouring. You also need to have an up to date portfolio and make sure it is tailored to the sort of work you are looking for. Make sure your best work is at the front so people can see it straight away, if you have to click on 2-3 pages to find your artwork that will not give a good impression.

West Pier Studio is an innovative software and games development studio based in Brighton. We build fantastically brilliant multi-platform games and utility apps!

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