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Could your idea change the future of retail?

Are you a business working with technology to create products or services that can improve the retail experience for customers both in-store and on the high street?

The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton is working with IOTUK to explore the ways technology can grow the high-street through the application of real-time data and the creation of innovative retail experiences.

In March we will be delivering an event to connect you with key stakeholders from the retail sector and technologists at the forefront of the Internet of Things. The event will run for one and a half days and will deliver a series of collaborative workshops through which participants will get a chance to engage with key stakeholders and industry experts to help address key challenges around in-store experiences and building connected high street ecosystems such as:

  • Creating engaging narrative journeys around products and services both in-store and online
  • Encouraging customer loyalty
  • Improving the point of sale/self service applications
  • Tailored customer experiences
  • Dynamic and interactive displays (at street level & in-store)
  • Building a community of connected ambassadors, both customers and other retailers
  • Allowing real time information sharing between small retailers and customers for mutual benefit

Following the event, participants will have the opportunity to propose their solutions to the Store of the Future, a living lab where retail innovations can be tested in a live shopping environment.

Want to know more about the challenges our retailers face? check out this video from Ruth at hiSbe -

For full information and to apply please click here

Please email me - for more information.

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