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Why Wired Sussex are hiring a Digital Marketing apprentice....

Supporting the development of our regional digital cluster is central to all our thinking and work at Wired Sussex and consequently we see the emerging skills deficit as the biggest challenge we (collectively) face to ensure continued growth.

Consequently, the Digital Skills agenda is of upmost importance to us and a hot topic locally, nationally & globally. The need for enthusiastic, adaptable, creative and technically skilled people is central to helping our members grow their businesses; at the end of the day it’s people that make your business.

With a skills deficit in many digital roles and the Fourth Industrial Revolution‘s rapid pace of change, we need to think creatively when it comes to training & recruitment.

We understand that university isn't for everyone and it's not the only option to gain valuable skills. Some people want to dive in, learn on the job and earn a living.

With the new Apprenticeship Levy coming into play in April 2017 and the need to grow our own local talent, we're putting our money where our mouth is and hopefully leading by example.

We're hiring a Digital Marketing Apprentice that we will be paying the Brighton & Hove Living Wage.  We want to nurture and support someone on the job so that they become a social media guru, an all round marketing powerhouse with Level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship) training and assessment support from Creative Process.

So how do you assess someone who has little or no experience?  

Most hires are made assessing 50% skills and 50% attitudes and behaviours.  So that's a good place to start. Will they fit with the team, can they learn new skills and can they do the job?

Most people use Social Media these days. What is their social media presence like? Do they blog?  Do they write newsletters, maintain a website for a hobby or interest? Are they self taught coders or designers? Have they taught themselves how to animate because they love playing games? It's not just academic qualifications that you should be interested in.

If you're recruiting more than one apprentice you could hold an assessment centre where you give them groups tasks and can assess their team player or analytical skills. You can also give the applicants a simple task in an interview.  Something fun, something creative, a task that will show you how they work in a team, how they write or analyse a situation.

Did you know?

  • Most apprentices are NOT graduates as the company would not receive any funding to train the apprentice
  • However there are now Degree Apprenticeships which take 3-4 years to complete, in many digital roles
  • Apprentices can be new or current employees

We're super excited to be welcoming our new apprentice to the business.

We'll introduce them next month and share our learning with you as we go about the recruitment process and working with an apprentice.  If you're a member and would like to be added to our recruitment newsletter list then please email

Closing date in the 15th September so please share with anyone who would like to apply!

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