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Making the Most of Your Opportunities at the Talent2017 Jobs Fair

DotsThe upcoming Talent2017 Jobs Fair in Brighton is this year’s golden opportunity for those wanting to begin (or progress!) a career in the digital, media and tech sector.

The event is a unique opportunity to meet the best companies in TV, games, design, animation, developing, programming, content marketing, mobile technology and more, as well as listen to inspiring talks and take part in workshops.

Block out the 15th March in your diary, make sure you register to attend the event, and if you really want to stand out from the crowd start planning ahead now.

Here’s some tips on how to make the most of the Jobs Fair and maximise your chances of getting that dream job you’re hoping for:

Before the Event

Do your research -

  • Have a look at the companies attending the event and plan in who you’d like to see.
  • Make sure you know a bit about them beforehand.
  • Look on their website and think of intelligent questions to ask them to make you stand out.

Plan your day -

  • Check out the programme beforehand and make sure you have scheduled in the talks and workshops you’d like to listen to.
  • Don’t leave talking to companies to the last minute; you never know if staff at the stands are on shift and the one you wish to speak to has to head back to the office early!

Get your CV or Portfolio up to date -

  • Read up on our tips for what makes a good CV
  • Make sure yours is up to date in case employers would like to know more about you on the day

On the Day

Before you leave the house -

  • Dress cleanly, feel free to show personality in your style but perhaps check you’re not looking too messy

Take what you need -

  • Have something to make notes in/on (be it a charged smart phone or traditional notepad)
  • Make sure your smart phones are fully charged
  • Take your CV or portfolio: maybe have a few printed.

On arrival -

  • Get the venue wifi code
  • Sign up to any workshops or the CV clinic for a slot of 1:1 advice

While there -

  • Make sure you get correct names and email addresses correctly of everyone you speak to, or even better a business card.
  • Tweet about the event if you are a social media guru already (if you want to work in digital marketing for example then employers will expect you to be using social media - what better way to stand out than to mention the event and who you have been meeting and the cool experiences you have been having). You can use the hashtag #T17Jobs and let us know you're here @Talent2017. 
  • Get inspired and learn key information by listening to the various talks that will be running throughout the day.
  • Offer to sit down and go through your CV or experience with prospective employers.

After the Event

Follow up -

  • Email the people you spoke to at length and thank them for their time and ask any further questions you may have.
  • Offer to provide more details or meet up with them to discuss your experience.
  • Ask to be kept on their mailing lists and to be updated if any opportunities may arise.

Follow your interests -

  • Like/follow the companies you are interested in on social media.
  • Join company newsletters.
  • Keep a note in your diary to contact the companies you are interested in again in the future in case they are not recruiting for your skills at the current moment.

Sign up to Wired Sussex Jobs -

The Talent2017 Jobs Fair is being held between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday 15th March at the Jury’s Inn Brighton Waterfront, Brighton.

If you haven’t already signed up to attend then please register online here so as not to miss out!

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