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Talent2017: Company Culture: Getting Beyond the Bagels and Funky Furniture

The upcoming Talent2017 Skills Summit on the 16th March is a fantastic opportunity Dotsfor digital businesses to update and expand their knowledge on how they can find, train and retain the talent they need to successfully grow their organisation.

In anticipation of the conference, we’re releasing a mini series of blog posts from some of the Skills Summit speakers, who have kindly offered to put their thoughts in writing. This time, hear from Chris Ricketts, Director at Turn10 Consulting and his experience working at ebay

I loved working at ebay’s offices in Richmond. I still remember my first day, I joined from Bupa Global whose offices in Brighton are nice but a bit conservative. It was like entering a whole new tech world.

Open plan with bright funky furniture – check. Table football – check - and a kitchen with a massive fridge full of free food, fruit and bagels on the table and all the drink machines on free vend – check. I think the twenty something techie who was being shown around with me basically stopped food shopping that day!

What equally surprised me was how quickly we all just took all this stuff for granted.

So, what really mattered to us?

The same things that always matter – working with talented people, doing great work that helps us grow and most importantly having a manager that you feel a genuine sense of connection to and who really invests in you

So, how do managers do that?

Well there’s a lot to that question but they start by having great conversations with their team. They make sure their team really understand their roles and expectations, give regular feedback and coach, they make real time to have proper performance, developmental and career conversations. But probably most importantly they take a genuine interest in their people and what going on in their lives

It’s this sense of connection that helps to differentiate a good business from a truly great business and makes sure your best people stay and you attract the best talent around.

About the Author: Chris Ricketts, Director Turn10 Consulting

Brighton based Turn10 Consulting aims to enable businesses in the digital and technology sector to successfully deliver complex change and create working environments where their people are happy, perform and build great careers. Until recently Chris was Director of Talent & Organisational Development for ebay’s businesses in EMEA.

Do you want to hear more? Chris Ricketts will be sharing more insights from ebay on how to grow your top talent on the 16th March. You can get your ticket here.

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