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Networking & Making Meaningful Connections

Looking to make new, meaningful connections? Our next Members’ Meetup might help! Tuesday 4th July, at Patterns Brighton from 5:30pm onwards. 

85% of professionals say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships in-person. Yet, 5-min elevator pitches, business card swapping and endless sales talks can only get you so-far. In Sussex, we’re lucky to have strong sense of community, with 2/3 of companies in our cluster frequently helping other businesses and 64% regularly receiving help from other companies.* In short, we network to help rather than sell.

The local digital, tech and media community is about friendliness, openness and connectivity, where people are willing to share and support knowledge. There’s a real demand in our region for collaborations. In fact, 38% of people attending our meetups are looking to meet specific people or come to the event with a particular project in mind.

With an average of 120 people in attendance, our members’ meetups offer a great chance to meet new people working in our sector. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about what you do and how you could help other members.

Starting and fostering meaningful connections can catapult your business to the next level. Here’s a couple of tips on how make the most out of attending our meetups:

1. Check out who’s signed-up to attend

Have a look at their company and what they do. If there’s anyone you’d like to meet, grab one of the Wired Sussex staff at the meetup, we’d be happy to facilitate introductions.

2. Let us know why your attending

Working on a specific project and looking to discuss potential future collaborations? Or maybe you'd like to meet more freelancers, developers or marketers? Let us know about your reason for attending at the registration stage and in our quick survey so we can help you make the right connections.

Also, don't forget to let us know you’re coming online and follow the conversation at #WiredBrighton

3. Talk to someone you don’t know

It’s sometimes hard to meet someone new at a networking event. However, it’s worth leaving that conversation with your friends to make at least one new connection. We’re a friendly bunch, so don't hesitate to come and chat to one of the Wired Sussex staff, we'll be the ones with pink lanyards!

4. Talk about projects

Get to know what others are working on, what they're passionate about and how you could help. Talk about some of your past projects (if you can!), the more concrete you can be, the more people are going to remember what you do.

Oh also, we’ve got a few projects on at Wired Sussex, including:

  • Plans to build a 5G testbed for businesses to use in Brighton
  • Creation of a digital hub in Bognor Regis
  • Work to improve the local broadband infrastructure
  • Plans to launch a new Wired Sussex website

Chat with one of us to find out how you could benefit from them.

5. Take contact details and follow-uP

Whether it is a personal message on LinkedIn, a follow on Twitter or a quick email, don’t forget to follow-up with who you've met at our meetup.

You never know where a conversation at a networking event might lead you next: new collaborations, new clients, new projects? It might not happen the day after the meetup, but it will have a positive impact on your network and allow you to build meaningful connections. But don’t just take our word for it, some of our members still benefit from attending our events two-years on:

Are you interested in attending our next networking event? You can get tickets to our Members’ Summer Meetup here.

* Brighton Fuse Report, 2013, p110-2

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