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Announcing a New Residency Programme at the FuseBox

We are delighted to announce that the Digital Catapult Centre Brighton is open for applications for its new residency programme, based at The Fusebox.

This residency programme is intended to support digital entrepreneurs, tech visionaries and creative technologists who are looking to turn their ideas and initiatives into successful innovations.

What kind of people or businesses are you looking for?

These residencies are part of the Digital Catapult’s programme of activity in Brighton. This means we are looking for individuals or small teams working on ideas, concepts and products that align with (or utilise) their areas of focus. These are immersive (e.g. Virtual / Augmented Reality), connected (e.g. 5G / LoRaWAN), intelligent (AI/CI) and data driven technologies.

We welcome individuals, start-ups or those developing new digital products or services for existing businesses.

What is the value of being a resident?

We hope that these residencies will help you turn your ideas and initiatives into successful innovations. There is no formal programme of activity for residents, but we know that the experience of working alongside other residents and sharing opportunities, needs and challenges will help you develop and grow.

We can also provide ways to help you benefit from the expertise and the technologies that the Digital Catapult programme provides nationally. In Brighton at the FuseBox, we can give you supported access to our 5G testbed and our immersive hub activities.

What have previous residents said?

“We would not be here as a business if it weren’t for The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton. The guidance and support we received led to us finding our first project. Having a place for our company to grow, in a hothouse of digital innovators who provide support, guidance, advice, friendship and collaboration -  I can’t overstate the value it provided to us.”      Morgan McCarthy, CDO

“I received immense benefit from being a Digital Catapult Centre Brighton resident. My work has accelerated and the interest in my work has doubled! The centre is so helpful and supportive - I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a resident” Iona Scott, Planktonworld

“I found the FuseBox to be really conducive to creativity - it felt open, colourful and fun”     Declan Cassidy, MakerClub

You can read more and apply on our website here

Or drop us an email We would love to hear from you.

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