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Digital Catapult Centre Brighton launch an Immersive Lab

The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton supports innovative digital businesses to rapidly develop new products and services around emerging technology, such as immersive technology - Virtual and Augmented Reality. At its latest sell-out Virtual Reality meetup, it announced a new way in which it will support local businesses - an Immersive Lab open to start-ups, creatives and companies innovating around immersive technology.

[caption id="attachment_7888" align="alignleft" width="300"] Digital Catapult Centre Brighton Imersive Lab[/caption]

The Immersive Lab will include cutting edge virtual and augmented reality hardware, high end, VR ready PCs, tethered headsets (e.g. HTC Vive/Occulus Rift), VR ready smart phones and cutting-edge kit such as a green screen, a motion capture suit and depth sensors.

The hardware will be available to be booked to develop VR/AR content, products and services, experiment with hardware or to demo existing ideas to clients.

You can access the lab by becoming a Fusebox resident, which you find out more details and submit an application for here. Additionally, as a Fusebox resident you will have access to desk space and a network of expert innovators to collaborate with.

Also announced at the meetup, was news that CreativeXR have opened for applications for immersive prototypes focused on the creative industries. Successful applications can receive up to £20k funding, access to the Brighton Immersive Lab and industry leaders. Find out more information and apply here.

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