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The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton and Redevco launch a call for innovative digital companies to apply to its Retail Innovation project.

The Digital Catapult Centre Brighton (DCCB) is delighted to announce it is accepting applications from digital companies to become part of its Retail Innovation project.

The project will look at developing ideas, products and services that deliver inspiring customer experiences to shoppers, specifically utilising virtual and augmented reality (immersive) technology. Shortlisted companies will gain the access to innovation prizes, insight and feedback from retail experts and to cutting edge immersive hardware - in order to refine their ideas.

Additionally, they will have a chance to be showcased in a live retail environment in Brighton, as DCCB has partnered with Redevco, (a pan-European real estate investment management company specialising in retail property, with 400 properties at top locations in major cities across Europe). Redevco is currently developing a new retail environment in Brighton - The Hanningtons Estate, provides exciting new spaces for shops, restaurants and cafes. The project, covering 1.3 acres, sits at the heart of The Lanes in Brighton which sees 8 million annual visitors.

DCCB and Redevco are looking for innovative digital companies using immersive technology to deliver unforgettable experiences to shoppers visiting The Hanningtons Estate. “Trends show shopper’s attitudes have moved from a need to purely buy, to a need to enjoy. They no longer have to deal with the pressure of having to complete a shopping list and not knowing where to find the products they need, as they have the possibility to do that online. Therefore, a shopping trip is a much more relaxed experience because they have more time available and want to be inspired and surprised.” says Marrit Lanning, Head of Research & Strategy at Redevco.

“Virtual and Augmented Reality presents an amazing opportunity to give shoppers experiences that they might never be able to enjoy anywhere else” says Richard Scott Innovation Manager at the DCCB.

“Imagine if shoppers buying a new hiking rucksack also got to experience summiting Everest in virtual reality. These experiences have status and currency and are way that physical retailers can add value and deepen their engagement with customers. The only of what limitations of what this could mean is our imaginations and this innovation call is really exciting as we are looking for both commercial and creative uses of the technology and content”.

We are accepting applications from companies (which includes start-ups, a consortium of technologist and creatives or an established companies) interested in exploring how your existing immersive products and services, or new ideas might could be applied to a retail setting. Good applications will provide us with a sense of the value shoppers will gain from the experience.

We are particularly interested in products/services/ideas that provide shoppers with:

  • A fun and engaging way to navigate around the retail development,
  • Experiences either linked to either promoting brands or the wider shopping area.

If you are interested in shaping the future of customer experiences and want to be considered for this project, please complete this short application form. We will be conducting a shortlist of products by 31th December.

We will be holding a series events to further support and explore this retail project, including a Virtual Reality meetup: Inspirational Customer experiences and a Retail Innovation Day on 23rd November in which we look to explore the current and future frontiers of immersive technology (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and its application within retail.

We will have presentations from experts exploring the retail landscape, how immersive technology is currently being leveraged to deliver commercial value, brand engagement and prized shopper experiences, as well as potential future opportunities (you can register your interest in attending the Innovation Day by emailing

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