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Would University research expertise help you solve a problem in your business?

At Wired Sussex we know from feedback from our member companies that when they partner with University expertise it can be extremely beneficial to their business, but often the challenge comes from finding the right people at the University with the right knowledge and with time to spare to help them. Often, it’s a case of seeing who you already know rather than who you actually need.

Wired Sussex has a new programme that might be able to help you gain new knowledge or solve a problem by accessing expertise at the University of Sussex. As part of the programme, we will work with you to agree a need that additional expertise or a new insight might solve for you, and then work with the University to find and connect you to the right person.

You could be looking for knowledge of Greek myths to help inform a new online game, an understanding of haptic technology for a new learning product or advice on Brazilian business culture for a marketing push.

So, if you’re a Wired Sussex member and are interested in us helping you connect a business challenge with University expertise, please let us know, in broad terms, what type of challenge you would like some help with by applying here. We will then get back to you to see if we can help. We have a limited number of opportunities via this programme, so don’t delay!

If you have any questions about this programme or your eligibility then feel free to email

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