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The FuseBox Opens the Door to Holoportation

It's very exciting when any of our residents from The FuseBox embark on a new cutting-edge project. A few months ago, FuseBox resident and Wired Sussex member George Butler, Managing Director of Mutiny Media established a partnership with DoubleMe, a visionary company who are working on a platform for Holoportation called “Loop-space”. To provide some more context George has written an overview of the project:

“In April, I organised a trip to visit Dimension Studio’s volumetric video 3D capture studio in Wimbledon and Ravensbourne University-based start-up DoubleMe. I negotiated early access to the DoubleMe and Loop-space software for use in The FuseBox space.

The DoubleMe software works with 2 x Kinect depth cameras which takes a subjects’ 3D data and processes and transports it over wifi, enabling 3D real-time holograms of the subject to be viewed with a HoloLens in another location. Virtual teleportation.

Building on DoubleMe and the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre team research and having early access to the DoubleMe software will enable residents of The FuseBox to research and test user cases for this technology with our 5G testbed based in The FuseBox in Brighton.

I am interested in using the Holoportal for a Digital Hall of Mirrors idea inspired by research exploring what VR and AR storytellers can learn from physical and psychological misdirection inspired by magicians. The technology could also be used in medical practice: teleporting surgeons to the field, or teleporting loved ones to distant relations or musicians to your front room for a private gig. The possibilities are enormous.

If you have any questions about this project and/or would be interested in coming to The FuseBox to try out the Holoportal, please get in touch with us by emailing

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The Holoportal in action in The FuseBox The Holoportal in action in The FuseBox

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