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Talent Talks: Bright Interactive

Welcome to our Talent Talks series, where we speak to member companies who are currently advertising on our Jobs Board to explore what they look for when hiring. 

This month, I met with a some of the Bright Interactive team, a web software development company based in Brighton, who are currently searching for three new people to join them, including a JavaScript Developer, Senior Software Engineer and Java Developer.

If you’re interested in one of these positions, keep reading for their insights and thoughts below:

Caroline Collyer – HR Manager at Bright Interactive

What do you look for in a prospective candidate for a role in your team?

Someone who has a genuine passion for developing. They are likely to have been playing with, pulling apart and rebuilding computers from a young age. They will have personal projects on the go as well as a professional track record. Candidates will be interested in developing their skills and learning from other developers on the team. Ideally, they will thrive on getting involved in discussions about technology as well as using their coding skills creatively to solve problems.

What opportunities are there for someone to develop at Bright Interactive?

We really encourage our developers to keep up-to-date and develop their skills. For example, our backend developers have been learning Angular for a new project. We look to recruit people who can and are always keen to share their knowledge with the team. I suppose the biggest opportunity that people have to develop here is working with other really talented, curious and motivated developers!

Karl Waugh - Software Developer at Bright Interactive

What is your position and how would you describe your typical working day?

I am a software developer but identify myself as a full stack developer and a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to coding. For the moment, my working day is spent focussing on a very large internal project.

What qualification(s) did you obtain for your current role?  

I took double maths, physics and politics at A-level and then undertook a pure maths degree at Queen Mary University in London. My interest in computing was, I suppose, stimulated by undertaking Boolean data courses. My interest increased when I completed a PhD in maths at the University of Sussex, where I routinely created coding simulations for multiple maths problems.

Alongside my academic interests, I personally feel that it is my mathematical thought process that enabled me to get me my first job as a developer.

What is the single most engaging part of your job?

I just love solving an important problem that nobody else could solve.

Alastair Bird – User Interface Developer at Bright Interactive

What is your position, how would you describe your typical working day?

I am a user interface developer. Over the last four years, I have designed and built the front-ends of applications and websites. I also ensure my team sticks to our best practices to deliver an exceptional user experience.

One of the benefits of working at Bright Interactive is that we have a flexi-time policy. I am a keen swimmer, so I routinely come into work early and leave in the afternoon to head to the swimming pool. This doesn’t change my working day, which includes being part of morning stand-ups and speaking to clients about any challenges they want to address.

What qualification (s) did you have to get yourself this job?

I completed a foundation degree in computer science then went on to study a degree in Digital Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth. My degree inevitably helped me get my job at Bright Interactive but I feel it was the work I completed whilst at university that helped me most. Throughout my degree I worked for a small business as a ‘jack of all’ digital trades, delivering content to working out small-scale problems. I also worked on a project at Silverstone to develop a Wi-Fi log in system, which was not only a fantastic experience for my career but also great fun being a motorsport enthusiast! Looking back at this time in my life, I really believe that work experience made me stand out from the crowd when I was applying for jobs.

What is the single most engaging part of your job?

I really love it when my colleagues and I get admiration when a project is a huge success.

Angus Goldsmith – Software Developer at Bright Interactive

What is your position, how would you describe your typical working day?

I am a software developer but also act as a technical lead when making high-level decisions for my team. I am currently working on multiple projects, but my typical day usually includes a scrum task board and checking slack, whilst also engaging with UK and International clients.

What qualification(s) did you obtain for your current role?  

I suppose I had a head start in my developer career growing up in a home of developers. I have been coding since I was 10 years old! But aside from having it running through my veins, I studied Computing, Maths and Physics at A-level and then went on to study a Computer Science degree at Royal Holloway University in London. I got a 1st, but I feel it was my sandwich year working for the government that really helped me get my job. Unlike the rest of graduates, I was already able to speak about real life developer processes and problems and know what it is like to work in an office. I really feel that it was this additional experience that helped me the most.

What is the single most engaging part of your job?

This might sound strange, but I have always felt digital design is the pinnacle of human inventiveness. Digital careers allow people to work on the largest projects humans can currently create. It might sound cheesy, but this is why I love my job and find it so fascinating.

If you’re interested in working at Bright Interactive, check out their latest job roles here.

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