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How the FuseBox Can Help Your Business Keep Innovating

The FuseBox is a collaborative research and development hub, run by and home to the Wired Sussex team. We share our space with over 30 different residents, from digital artists to tech start-ups and academics.

If you are a business that is now beyond the start-up phase but recognises the need to keep innovating. How do you do that when you have existing products and services to deliver?

A residency at The FuseBox might be the answer.

Innovation in our sector often needs space away from the day-to-day business, ideally with access to emerging technologies and opportunities to share and learn with other innovators.

The FuseBox provides that environment for individuals or small teams from established companies. You get a way to formulate ideas, understand and experience new technologies, get connected with university expertise and drink some damn fine coffee, all at an affordable monthly rate.

But don’t take our word for it. This is what Gareth Evans from LCE Architects has to say;

Working from The FuseBox at least one day a week, gave me time outside of my regular design work, to devote to research and development, specifically towards immersive technology and its relationship to architectural design. The flexible nature of the FuseBox allowed me to work my time around my commitments at the office easily, as well providing the feeling of a dedicated space to work from.

Interested? Check out the FuseBox website or contact to find out more.

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