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Talent Talks: Elucidat

As part of our ongoing Talent Talks series where we speak to member companies who are currently advertising on our Jobs Board, we caught up with some of the team at Elucidat, an award-winning Learning Technology company based in Brighton which has quickly become a leader in its field.

We spoke to Elucidat's Chief Learning Officer, Simon Greany and Head of Marketing, Charlotte Curl to get a behind-the-scenes look at their company and to find out what they look for when hiring. So, if you want to join a close-knit team who are passionate about creating online learning experiences that deliver real-life impact, read on and check out their current vacancies

Profile picture of Simon Greany, Chief Learning Officer at Elucidat.Simon Greany, Chief Learning Officer at Elucidat

What opportunities are there for career progression?

"We believe in our team and know they will drive the ongoing and future success of Elucidat. So, we give everyone the space and support they need to be the best they can be in their career – and to live a healthy and balanced life.

"Each team has career path plans and we also provide opportunities to build new skills in different areas of the company. We've also recently introduced 1 day per month for everyone to use for their learning and development." - Simon Greany

When interviewing someone for your team, what do you look for?

"A typical Elucidat employee is driven, talented, a fun lover and epitomises our company values of; 'Learn, Care, Share'

  • Self-learners, always seeking out new ideas and knowledge to grow
  • Sharing their knowledge with others and supporting the greater good
  • Caring deeply about the work they are doing and the people they work with" - Simon Greany

Profile picture of Charlotte Curl, Marketing Manager at Elucidat. Charlotte Curl, Head of Marketing at Elucidat

What is your position, how would you describe your typical working day?

"There’re no such things as a 'typical day' in our marketing team, although there are some common threads! We work in fortnightly sprints, the idea being that we continually prioritise based on what’s likely to have the greatest impact on achieving our quarterly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We’re willing to take risks and are actively encouraged to test things out - as long as we’re measuring the impact so we know if it’s working...or not!

"In marketing, we also get to collaborate with all of the teams across the business. For example, today I might be working with our Learning Consultants on expert content for our blog, tomorrow I might be talking to sales about testing a different way of following up with free trial subscribers. Whatever happens, there’s likely to be a game of table football (or two!)." - Charlotte Curl

What experience do you need for the role?  

"When it comes to working for Elucidat, the most important thing is living by our: learn, care, share values. When I joined the team 18 months ago I was really impressed by the amazing attitude and talent of every individual here - this has only grown over time!

"We look for people who have great potential. You need to be outcome focused, agile and able to stand on your own two feet. You’ll be trusted to own your areas of responsibility and really make your mark!

"We’re pretty modern when it comes to marketing and use lots of tools and platforms to get stuff done, from marketing automation to SEO and website optimization tools. So, it helps to be pretty tech savvy and comfortable with a report or two.

"As for the rest...well, it depends on the role!" - Charlotte Curl

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

"Like I said, the team here are brilliant and I feel like I’m always learning from the people around me. There’s a fantastic culture and a definite sense that we are all on an exciting journey together. So, when our learner count hits another milestone, we exceed pipeline targets or we get great customer feedback, they’re opportunities to celebrate everyone’s contribution, together." - Charlotte Curl

If you like the sound of working at Elucidat, you can check out their latest job roles here.

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