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Telling Your Brand's Story

Earlier this week, we ran a Breakfast Session on 'Telling Your Brand's Story' which saw three fantastic talks from members on how you can bring your brand to life, what makes for a strong brand personality, how you can create a tone of voice that cuts through the noise and what makes for truly gripping content.

So, whether you’re a new company looking to tell your story for the first time or you want to put a whole new lease of life into your business, check out the talks below for practical advice, fresh ideas and inspiration!

Alison Sharpe, Strategic Communications Consultant

Alison runs a strategic communications consultancy that enables organisations to earn the trust they need to prosper. Her passion lies in shaping a new and more trustworthy relationship between business and society by inspiring people to think differently and creating organisational narratives that ‘tell it as it is’. In this talk, Alison shares the importance of purpose to brand storytelling.


Al Robertson, Brand Language Consultant

Al helps companies build stronger, deeper relationships with their customers and their people by transforming their brand language. Over the years, he's helped many well-known organisations find the right words to reach the right people. He’s also a Science Fiction author, with two novels out internationally and a third on the way. In this talk, Al reveals the basic secrets of brand story structure and tone of voice.


Natalie Burns, Senior Strategist at UnitedUs

UnitedUs is a strategic brand agency with a single focus: to unite people, purpose and potential. They work with up-and-comers to design the brand that enables them, their people and the business to grow. Their impressive client list includes the likes of Fujitsu, OneFamily, Standard Chartered and Google. In this talk, Natalie shares how UnitedUs worked with HelpForce to transform their brand story.


An extra special thanks to Plus Accounting for sponsoring this session. They’re a firm of chartered accountants, registered auditors and business advisers in Brighton, helping digital businesses better understand and organise their finances.

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