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Skills and Talent Manifesto: What’s Happened So Far

Skills and Talent Manifesto: Join us in our mission to make Greater Brighton the best place in the UK for anyone to have a career in the digital sector.

At our Talent Festival in June, we unveiled our Skills and Talent Manifesto, which has the aspiration to make Greater Brighton the best place in the UK for anyone to have a career in digital.

Download the Manifesto here

The Manifesto was developed using input from our members and recognises that although, as a digital sector, we are usually defined by the technologies we use, that our ability to succeed actually lies in the skills and talent of the people we employ and with whom we work. We know that as individual businesses, as a sector and as a region, we will only thrive if we attract and support talented people.

Signatories to this manifesto pledge to work individually and collectively through their businesses to achieve its aims. You can sign up to the Manifesto here.

Since its launch, the Manifesto has had a great response. Companies aren’t just signing up, but are also coming together to begin to make the change we aspire to. One great example of this is the recently formed Diversity Working Group, a monthly meet-up where companies can collectively share and improve practice around inclusion, diversity and accessibility.

We are delighted that Talent Fest 2019 Headline Sponsor American Express has pledged to the Manifesto and is working with us to develop and deliver a number of initiatives to support its goals. Here’s what they had to say about their involvement:

We’re extremely proud to support the Wired Sussex Skills and Talent Manifesto for Greater Brighton. Our vision is to provide the world’s best customer experience every day. That means becoming an essential part of our customers’ digital lives and helping them achieve their aspirations.

We believe the best way to back our customers is to back our people. American Express fosters a workplace culture where differences are valued and expressed freely, and employees have the support they need to take risks, learn and collaborate. Creating an inclusive culture is both a part of who we are and what we do together.

You can learn more about American Express’ commitment to Inclusion and Diversity on their website. To find out more about career opportunities at American Express, you can visit and keep an eye on our Jobs site.

If you would like to find out more about the Manifesto, or if you would like to talk about any initiatives you or your company are working on around diversity and inclusion, please get in touch!

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