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The FuseBox Is Setting Up Camp at Brighton’s Newest Lane!

As part of this year’s Brighton Digital Festival, we’re taking our home and innovation hub for emerging technologies, The FuseBox, to the city’s new Hanningtons Lane for a week of hands-on experiences and talks about new technologies, society and you.

Every day there’s something different to experience and learn about, so come along - all the events are free and open to all!

Where: 3 Hanningtons Lane, Brighton, BN1 1GS
When: 13th - 18th October

What’s on:

Sun 13th October: Is This Real Life or Is This Just a Fantasy?

How might we make virtual worlds feel real, and what is real anyway? Join us and the renowned Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science from 4-5pm for a talk about their specially built immersive virtual world which explores how we think and the nature of reality.

Plus, if you’d like to try out their virtual world, you can drop in for free (no ticket needed) anytime between 11am-4pm to experience it first hand.

Find out more and get your free ticket.

Mon 14th October: The World Turned Upside Down? Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computers

Quantum technology is based on ideas that would be more at home in science fiction than at a university lab. But, believe it or not, a quantum computer - one of the most powerful computers in the world - is being built right here in Brighton at the University of Sussex.

Come to this fascinating exhibition on new quantum technologies with talks from the University’s Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies on how quantum works and how it might impact society.

Find out more and get your free ticket.

Tues 15th October: Emerging Technologies, Marketing and Retail.

Work in marketing or retail and want to know what possibilities emerging technologies present to you, or maybe you’re involved in emerging tech and are looking to engage with the marketing and retail sector? Come and experience a range of great demos from local immersive tech companies developing products for the retail and marketing sectors.

Find out more.

Wed 16th October: Three Sixty Degrees: New Ways of Experiencing Creative Performances

New techniques of 360° filming are significantly changing the way we approach, capture and distribute creative performances. Join us for an evening with Moving Pictures Theatre and 4GroundMedia who will be showcasing excerpts from their productions and discussing the technical and storytelling possibilities of 360°.

Find out more.

Thurs 17th / Fri 18th October: Hacking Hanningtons Lane

Hanningtons Lane is the newest lane in Brighton, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got a history. Across two days, you can help us unearth and capture stories, both old and new, of Hanningtons Lane and then turn them into a Virtual Reality experience.

And to kick start the hack, we’ll be hosting an evening of talks and discussion on how the memories, myths and histories of a place can be brought to life.

Find out more and get your free ticket.

Hacking Hanningtons Lane is delivered with support from Arts Driva, the Arts Council and the University of Brighton.

Have a question about The FuseBox in the Lane? Feel free to contact us.

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