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Making the Most Out of Pledging to Our Skills & Talent Manifesto

Since launching the Skills and Talent Manifesto over the summer we have seen a great response from our community who have signed up to work individually, and collectively, to achieve its aim of making Greater Brighton the best place in the UK for anyone to have a fulfilling career in the digital sector. 

With that in mind we thought it might be helpful to share some tips on how you can maximise the impact of your pledge. 

Let your employees know you’ve signed: 

• make sure that you have printed off the Manifesto, signed it, and put it on the wall in your office so your employees can see it. 
• discuss the Manifesto in your team meetings and/or include it in your team newsletter.
• you might want to have a named representative from your organisation who can talk to your employees about the Manifesto and answer any questions that your teams may have about it.

Promote your pledge:

• put it on your website; we have created a badge which you can use to show your support of the Manifesto and your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in our sector.
• include a line in your job adverts to let prospective employees know your commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Help us to promote your pledge:  

• we will be doing some social media around your pledge but make sure you share it through your platforms too. 
tweet us photos of the Manifesto in your office and we can share these through our social media.

Come along to events:

• a Diversity Working Group has been set up to collectively share and improve our practice around inclusion, diversity and accessibility. If you are interested in joining this group please email Rebecca and we can send you a link to join the Slack channel and inform you of the next meetup. 
• there are also a whole series of other events run by our community to support diversity and inclusion. You can find lots of these on our events calendar

Make change:

• the purpose of the Manifesto is to help us make change, both in our own individual organisations but also to support change in the sector. Look at examples of best practice on our Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit and see what changes you can make. 
• do you have an example of something you do really well that other organisations could learn from? Let us know and we can help to share and promote it. 
• are there community groups that you can help to support?


If you haven't already signed up to our Skills and Talent Manifesto you can do so here 

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Rebecca Groves

Hi, I'm Wired Sussex's Skills and Talent Strategy Lead. I oversee our skills and talent strategy for the regional digital sector. This includes the delivery of activity which addresses this strategy, such as our annual Talent festival, and working with members to help them benefit from our initiatives.

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