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Talking Talent With Tilt

Last week we sat down with member company Tilt who are currently hiring for new members to join their team.

Based in Brighton, this award-winning full-service creative agency specialises in crafting digital experiences that change behaviours through the use of design, interactive, motion graphics and film, and they’ve worked with big-name brands like Reuters, Diageo, Nickelodeon and Frontline Aids.

We had a chat with Jon, Linnéa and Ivor to find out more about what they do, and why they love working at We Are Tilt. If you’re looking to make your next career move, read on to find out what they're looking for in a new team member...


Jon Malyon, Founder / Managing Director

Jon Malyon, Founder / Managing Director

What do you look for when interviewing someone for your team?

Curiosity, passion and drive. I want to see someone’s eyes light up when they talk about what they love doing. To be successful at Tilt, you need to have a genuine desire to create great things and have fun while doing it. Creativity is everything. Everyone at Tilt has it, from our creative director right through to our scat-singing accountant.

I want to see someone’s eyes light up when they talk about what they love doing.

Skills can be learnt. If I’m sat opposite you in an interview, then show me why you want to work at Tilt, not what skills you have.

What kind of opportunities are there for career progression at We Are Tilt?

We have junior, mid-weight and senior roles across all aspects of the business and, as we grow, I anticipate that we will expand the opportunities available in-line with the continued success of the business. If you bring enthusiasm in bucket loads, show that you actually give a sh*t about the problems that you are trying to solve, and go the extra mile…then opportunities will open up very quickly.

We also offer personal development budgets to everyone at Tilt so that the team can invest in and develop themselves, which all contributes to our overarching success.

Here are just a few examples of personal development in motion; Masterclass in Storytelling, Swapping Screens for Screens, The Art of Persuasion.


Linnéa Söderholm, Project Manager

Linnéa Söderholm, Project Manager

How would you describe a typical working day?​

As a project manager, my job is to ensure ideas and concepts turn into a project plan, and to make sure that it’s implemented correctly.

The job is equal parts high-fiving the creatives (and telling them what to do and when), spreadsheet sorcery, and chatting to clients and managing their expectations. Steering the boat through creative chaos into a calm, safe haven.

What experience do you need for the role?

People skills and the ability to handle unforeseeable changes along with an inherent desire to learn and evolve. A plus is extensive experience of working with customers responsibly as that is a big chunk of what a PM does. It’s equal parts client management and team management. If the team is motivated and inspired, the chances of a truly successful project are much higher. 


Ivor Sims, Senior Creative Producer

Ivor Sims, Senior Creative Producer

How would you describe a typical working day?​

As a creative producer, my role is to make sure that every project is as good as it can be, and to ensure various teams that make up the agency create their best work, all while making sure those pesky budgets and timelines are adhered to.

Typically, that means writing lists, drinking coffee and a whole heap of problem-solving. It could be idea sessions, design reviews, testing a new build from developers, directing a voiceover session, and organising crew and equipment for a shoot. We’ve seen everything from drones above central London and finding an underwater studio, to becoming an ‘expert’ on sailing to create a coding game for kids.

It’s the challenge that keeps everything fresh.

What experience do you need for the role?

First and foremost, you’ve got to love solving problems. You need technical knowledge of film, motion, design and web development so that you can push the teams but also know if something is just impossible. You need to be curious and have a thirst for new things, be that new tech such as AR, or how social media is changing the way people consume content.

You have to be analytical but also creative and ensure that ‘No’ isn’t your default answer and instead go for ‘No, but...’ and offer a solution, which may be even better than the first idea. You need great people skills, but ultimately, it’s about wanting every project to be the best it can be and being the Swiss army knife of the agency to get it done. 




What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Ivor: Working with great people, who are the best at what they do. I love being involved from start to finish; from receiving a brief, to creating the concept, to going into production and then delivering.

When you see something that started as a drawing on a whiteboard come to life, it’s a great moment. What keeps me coming back for more is when a client truly trusts you and you deliver above and beyond on a crazy idea.

My mantra has always been; “make cool things with awesome people for great companies”. If you have that, then you can go home happy.

Linnea: Being constantly proven ‘wrong’ by the team. As the PM, you’re supposed to manage the dreamers without inhibiting them, and that sometimes involves saying, “Maybe we can find another option that doesn’t include renting a crane for half the project budget?”, then seeing them use what they’ve got to create something truly amazing. I feel a bit like a proud parent sometimes. And "my kids are definitely better than yours"!

If you want to work at We Are Tilt, you can find out about their current career opportunities on our Jobs site

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