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Is Christmas a Good Time to Recruit?

Recruitment, like so many of us, has had its ups and downs throughout 2020. Despite this, the Wired Sussex Jobs site has shared almost 900 opportunities in the digital, tech and media sector in Sussex so far this year.

With the holiday season right around the corner, we often find that companies put their recruitment plans on hold, even if it's a detriment to their business growth.

However, there are some really good reasons to advertise over this period, including:

1. Job seekers have more time to search

Over the holidays, people have more time to think about their careers, evaluate where they’re going and search for new opportunities. We find that December is actually one of the busiest months for our Jobs site in terms of views, with over 250,000 unique visitors!

2. It's a competitive market

Speaking of views - although it can be a challenging time to be a job seeker, this has a flip side for companies who are searching for talent. Higher application numbers for available positions means access to a wider pool of high calibre candidates. 

3. Get a jump on January

Studies have shown the first quarter is a peak time for recruitment. However, as the time to hire rises, with employers becoming more diligent with their hiring process, it’s now typical to factor 60 days elapsing from job posting to making an offer. 

Therefore, it’s during the weeks leading up to Christmas when you need to start thinking about how to attract candidates to click 'apply’ for those Q1 jobs.

4. Get ahead of the competition

Capitalise on other companies taking downtime by advertising your jobs now, so they stand out from the crowd whilst others go quiet.

Take advantage of our special December recruitment offer!

To help you make the most of this festive period, we’re offering members a free one-month extension on all jobs posted to our Jobs site in the run-up to Christmas; meaning vacancies posted today can be live until February 2021. That’s all on top of the bespoke advice, support and regular benefits we offer when advertising through Wired Sussex.

We'll also be running a fun advent calendar campaign on our social channels in the run-up to Christmas, with a new job featured every day!

To take advantage of this limited offer or if you have any questions, just call 01273 692888, or email to discuss.

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