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10 Simple Tips to Raise Your Profile

Wondering how to get the most from your Wired Sussex membership to promote your business and services?  Here’s 10 simple tips to raise your profile and visibility on the website. 

First-things-first though, why not check how your account currently displays to visitors when browsing the site, by searching for your own business on the directory here.  We often find that looking afresh is a good way to gauge the areas to focus on from the list below. 

#1 Have you added your company logo?

A simple one to start, but it’s importance is often overlooked. 

Many visitors browsing the Our Members: Directory are looking to shortlist companies to contact about potential work and commissions.  The member profiles with logos instantly look more credible and typically see around 4x the amount of engagement when compared to those still using the default member icon. 

Logos need to be 500px x 500px, and can be uploaded from your member dashboard.  

*Freelancer tip: If you don’t have a company logo, why not try a smiley picture of yourself.  We find this helps in much the same way to add reassurance and increase engagement on the site.

#2 Have you included a profile header image?

Including a branded header image is another simple way to make your profile look more professional and cohesive. Here’s a couple of great examples from other members to help inspire you: Ocasta, Speakeasy Coaching, Persistent Peril , Chloe Hashemi and IDST

The profile headers need to be 2000px x 300px and can be uploaded from the ‘Profile header image’ section of the member dashboard. 

#3 Do you appear in the right search categories? 

When joining Wired Sussex, you would have been prompted to select a ‘core business’ focus, but you can actually appear in up to 3 search categories on the site, so that people (and Google!) can find you easily when browsing the members directory.

You can revisit the list and choose extra categories under the ‘Core business activities’ section of the member dashboard.  

#4 Write an ‘About’ section for your business

From everything on this list, the most important is to write a succinct bio about your business to give visitors an overview of: ‘Who you are’, ‘What you do’ and ‘Who you do it for’ . 
Alongside the broader categories mentioned above, any information added here will get picked-up by the search fields on the site, plus help to improve your search ranking online.  

*Members often discover their Wired Sussex profile are one their top results on Google, so adding a strong overview is a great way to attract more business online!

A good strategy is to give a brief overview first and then list the key services you offer, such as the approach taken by our members Fresh Egg. It’s also worth thinking about your own SEO strategy and including any keywords that people often use to find your business. Although, try to write for humans first (not just those SEO robots), as heavily optimised content isn’t always the most engaging to read. 

You can update your company overview via the ‘About’ section of the member dashboard. 

#5 Show your support with the Members Badge!

Be sure to include the Wired Sussex Members badge in your email signatures and website footers to show your professional affiliation within the community, as it lends credibility and reassurance to those looking to engage member businesses for work. 

You can find a variety of logo options, under the ‘Badges’ section of the ‘Your account’ menu in the member dashboard.  

#6 Showcase your work 

You can build a whole portfolio of your work for other members, the community and prospective clients to read about, which then gets featured heavily across both the ‘Our Members’ section and the website homepage, plus promoted throughout our social media and newsletters.

Showcases are framed around the headers of ‘The Challenge’ and ‘The Results’, so you can give an overview of the brief and how you were able to help clients. We’ve found that Showcases which include more detail tend to receive a lot more traffic and engagement, so the more info the better.

Within these Showcases, you can include multiple images, text and video to help bring your projects to life and tell your story in an engaging way. 

Check out some of the recent Showcases from other members and, to add your own, simply navigate to the menu on the left of your member dashboard and click ‘Showcases’ to begin. 

#7 Have you included testimonials?

Recommendations from happy clients will help to further demonstrate that your business is not only professional but the right choice to prospective clients; adding a level of reassurance to visitors browsing your profile. 

You can include multiple testimonials from the ‘Your Content’ menu on the left side of your member dashboard. 

#8 Share your news

Let us shout about your achievements and news! Whether it’s awards won, new clients secured, senior appointments or office moves, we’re keen to promote your success.  

We also include a roundup of member news in our fortnightly newsletters; shared  to 8,000+ subscribers,  plus promoted across our social media channels (40,000+ subscribers) to help you spread the news far and wide. 

Add your news by navigating to ‘News’ in the ‘Your Content’ menu on the left side of your member dashboard.

#9 Have you linked to your social media channels?

You can include links to your: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube channels from the ‘Social Media’ section of your member dashboard, so people know where to follow you for updates.

#10 Are your contact details up-to-date?

Finally, it’s important to make sure your enquiries are getting through to the right person. You can check what contact address we have for your business under the ‘About your business’ section of the member dashboard. 

To begin updating your company profile, simply login to your account, click on the green 'Account' button in the top right, and then click the 'Member Dashboard' button. 

If you have any questions about your membership or need a hand putting your profile together, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, by email or phone: 01273 692888, as we’d be happy to help you. 

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