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Talking Talent with Naurt

We recently caught up with Naurt, who are currently looking to expand their Brighton based team. 

Naurt is an ambitious, agile and disruptive software company who are adding value to large scale companies in pushing the limits of current tracking technology using AI, Blockchain, Machine learning, and Neural Networks. 

We had a chat with some of their team to get the inside scoop on what they're looking for in new talent, plus what they love about working at Naurt. 


Naurt is a fast growing, well funded innovator. What we do is pushing the limits of current tracking technology.. Naurt is 150 times more accurate than GPS. Naurt can determine which pocket a phone is in, and the hardware-agnostic API allows customers to easily integrate location tracking into their existing ecosystems, opening the door to new use cases. Essentially, Naurt is a plug-and-play toolkit for high-precision, beacon-free tracking.  

We're highly collaborative, it's exciting to solve problems together and share development successes.


What do you look for when interviewing someone for your team?

"Outside their academic or technical experience, there are two things that we focus on" said Nick Slack, Chief Technology Officer. "We want our team to work to their strengths and to explore work that interests them. Our ethos is to be Curious and Bold. So we are hiring people who share our growth mindset, who enjoy innovating, learning and exploring possibilities. I'm happy for people to fail. It's more important to explore ideas and challenge the norm".

Naurt is proactively working to build a diverse team. Participation and diversity in thinking is invaluable to fuel innovation and we are actively pipelining talent to facilitate that.

What opportunities are there for career progression at Naurt?

The career opportunities are limitless. Our people plan is built on the expectation that our team will grow and develop. As they say "Rising tides, rising ships!" Our culture is driven by innovation and growth. Our funding will allow us to meet that potential. So, whether someone wants to be a leader, or gain further research and development experience, we are committed to creating rewarding careers. 


How would you describe a typical working day?

We work in sprints and aim to have a balance of time for collaboration and individual focus. Each day starts with a company-wide stand-up meeting. While we are lucky to be working in a covid secure environment (PlusX Innovation Hub on Lewes Road, Brighton) some of the team are physically working together, others join on Zoom. We're highly collaborative, it's exciting to solve problems together and share development successes.

Our day might be interspersed with Zoom meetings with our investors and their network, who are amazingly supportive. Their knowledge and experience that can be passed down to the team, is as valuable as their investment!

As soon as lockdown rules relax, we are looking forward to enjoying everything that PlusX has to offer.. including some Friday drinks on the roof terrace.  

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Genuinely innovating. Our work is pushing the limits of what can be done. Innovation is our life blood. Having time and runway to explore, challenge and create something incredible, that gives our customers either commercial or sustainable advantages is hugely rewarding.

If you like the sound of working at Naurt, you can find out all their current opportunities on our Jobs site

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