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UK Tech Cluster Report: Established Tech Leaders in the South East

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The UK Tech Cluster Group is led by representatives of the key digital clusters across the UK (Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, etc). Its aim is to support the thriving clusters outside London. The Group collaborates regularly on research, events, and policy initiatives, providing leadership and valuable regional intelligence to policymakers at all levels.

From Brighton to Oxford, Maidstone to Southampton; the South East’s tech success isn’t fuelled by one city or specialism, but by its long-standing tradition for diversity, collaboration and innovation.

Established Tech Leaders 

The companies featured here highlight the world-class diversity of proven experience and expertise which powers the region’s tech sector. World-leading games developers are found alongside global giants in satellite technologies, medicine production and social intelligence. 


Location: Brighton
Established: 2007

Brandwatch has grown from a Brighton start-up to one of the world’s leading social intelligence platforms, with 10 offices worldwide. Brandwatch helps the world’s biggest brands understand what their customers are saying about them and s

o make smarter and better-informed business decisions. The company was recently acquired by Cision for $450m.

We are now a global business, but our head office is based in Brighton. From a cultural standpoint Brighton is a place that’s forward-looking and open-minded. When we started, there wasn’t a track record of successful tech start-ups here. It took a level of confidence and application, but there has always been optimism, energy and creativity in the area, with great potential for a high growth business.

Vic Miller, VP Global Comms Brandwatch



Location: Brighton
Established: 2004

A leading games development platform - Unity Technologies has a 45% share of the full feature games engine market, powering games including Pokemon Go, Assassin’s Creed and Super Mario Run. The company has 22 offices worldwide, one of which is home to over 500 staff in a new state-of-the-art building in central Brighton. 

Asking a candidate to relocate is a big ask for any company. However, with so many fantastic games studios in Sussex, the decision is more comfortable as people know they’re moving into an area with a multitude of career opportunities for their future.

Nik Carter, Recruiting Coordinator, Unity Technologies


Oxford Space Systems

Location: Oxford
Established: 2013

Oxford Space Systems have won many awards including the Hawkins Business of the Year. Their aim is to make satellites less complex and costly to produce. Oxford Space Systems has successfully completed a number of UK government-supported co-developments with leading European satellite builders as well as commercial contracts in both Asia and the US.

Having our own launch capability in the UK is a massive boost for the sector. There is greater competition in the market to provide launch services… that translates into a great enhancement of the commercial environment, which means more satellites can be built, you can get into orbit quicker, which means demand for our technology looks like it can only increase.” 

Mike Lawton, CEO Oxford Space Systems

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