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UK Tech Cluster Report: Scale-Ups in the South East

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The UK Tech Cluster Group is led by representatives of the key digital clusters across the UK (Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, etc). Its aim is to support the thriving clusters outside London. The Group collaborates regularly on research, events, and policy initiatives, providing leadership and valuable regional intelligence to policymakers at all levels.

From Brighton to Oxford, Maidstone to Southampton; the South East’s tech success isn’t fuelled by one city or specialism, but by its long-standing tradition for diversity, collaboration and innovation.


The ScaleUp Institute has identified the South East as the UK’s most successful English region for Scale-Ups. Its technology sector is a driver of this trend for fast-growing companies. In 2020, seven digital tech ‘unicorns’ and a significant pipeline of high-value scaleups could be found located here.


Location: Maidstone
Established: 2013

Brytlyt's software allows businesses to accelerate database operations up to 1,000x faster than legacy systems, by leveraging the power of graphics processor units. Its database has been independently benchmarked as the world's fastest and is built on top of the world’s most popular open-source database.

Analytics and data are growing exponentially and it’s clear the future of processing must lie in GPUs, withtheir enhanced capacity for data crunching and deep learning.

Richard Heyns, CEO Brytlyt



Location: Brighton
Established: 2010

Education technology business Totara provides learning and performance management technology for 1,500 organisations and over 20 million users all over the world. Totara is rapidly transforming the learning technology software market with products for formal and informal learning needs, both within the workplace and the extended enterprise. 

Brighton is a learning technology centre of excellence that has global impact. The city is an exemplar for the new flexible ways of working that the rest of the world is now adopting.The open, collegiate nature of our sector means there is a lot of knowledge sharing and Wired Sussex plays a critical role in supporting the digital community across the wider region.

Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer, Totara Learning


Percept Imagery

Location: Brighton
Established: 2018

Percept Imagery creates personalised shopping experiences. With their augmented reality platform, Sprie, they enable brands to provide customers with a virtual try-on experience. Selected as a Tech Nation’s Rising Star in 2020, they’ve been endorsed and backed by leading organisations including NatWest, DIT, and Digital Catapult. 

As a budding startup, the UK is the place to be as the VR industry is soaring to new heights here. Rohan and I both graduated in the UK, and we knew the importance of the opportunity and grabbed it at once.

Akshay Saswade, co-founder of Percept Imagery



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