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UK Tech Cluster Report: Ones to Watch in the South East

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The UK Tech Cluster Group is led by representatives of the key digital clusters across the UK (Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, etc). Its aim is to support the thriving clusters outside London. The Group collaborates regularly on research, events, and policy initiatives, providing leadership and valuable regional intelligence to policymakers at all levels.

From Brighton to Oxford, Maidstone to Southampton; the South East’s tech success isn’t fuelled by one city or specialism, but by its long-standing tradition for diversity, collaboration and innovation.

Ones to Watch

University support, dynamic communities and an entrepreneurial mindset are all fuelling the South East’s innovative tech culture. The businesses featured as our ‘Ones to Watch’ are flying the flag for all those start-ups engaged in creating our region’s next generation of tech success stories.


Location: Fareham
Established: 2009

Beyond Encryption is a SaaS platform and the home of Mailock: a market leader in secure email communication and identity authentication for SME businesses and Global Enterprises. The Mailock solution allows businesses to secure sensitive data, ensuring that delivery is only permitted to the intended recipient to address regulatory compliance obligations, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency whilst positively impacting the environment.

Fareham has been the perfect place to support our ambitious growth strategy. Hampshire hosts a wealth of talent and is fortunate to have major universities producing phenomenal graduates. With a well-connected infrastructure and a rich pool of talented individuals, it’s enabled us to continue to support our customers with leading technology and service levels.

Paul Holland, Founder / CEO, Beyond Encryption


Location: Brighton
Established: 2020

Founded in 2020, Brighton-based start-up Naurt is developing mapping optimisation software that is 150 times more accurate than normal GPS. It recently secured £500k in angel investment funding. 

Imagine a future where there is a new technological revolution based on  location hyper-accuracy. We are the company to make this happen. We have both Sussex and Brighton universities and the retention rate for talent is on average 8 years. Compare that to London, which is more like one and a half years.

Jack Maddalena CEO / Co-Founder, Naurt



Location: Brighton / Maidstone
Established: 2004

Using their own technology and the greenest data centre in the UK, Mojeek are on a mission to build the world's alternative search engine. One that values and respects privacy, whilst also providing its own unique and unbiased search results. Mojeek has recently reached the major milestone of 4 billion indexed pages, and is adding 2 million new webpages every day.

Mojeek offers no-tracking web search and direct search advertising worldwide. Our values-driven company pioneers privacy-first search.  Brighton has a strong ethical culture as well as two universities, making it the ideal location for our UK headquarters.

Colin Hayhurst, CEO at Mojeek



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