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UK Tech Cluster Report: MedTech in the South East

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The UK Tech Cluster Group is led by representatives of the key digital clusters across the UK (Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, etc). Its aim is to support the thriving clusters outside London. The Group collaborates regularly on research, events, and policy initiatives, providing leadership and valuable regional intelligence to policymakers at all levels.

From Brighton to Oxford, Maidstone to Southampton; the South East’s tech success isn’t fuelled by one city or specialism, but by its long-standing tradition for diversity, collaboration and innovation.


The UK is a world leader at harnessing technology in the discovery, development and marketing of therapeutics and medical devices. The South East is at the heart of the country’s global reputation, employing the UK’s largest population of life science industry jobs. Oxford University’s work on the game-changing AstraZeneca Covid vaccine has shone a light on the region’s talent, expertise and innovation - and on that city’s position as a significant global health and life sciences powerhouse. The South East received a 77% increase in health and wellness investment in 2020.


Location: Oxford
Established: 2005

Started at Oxford University in 2005, Nanopore specialises in scalable DNA and RNA sequencing technology for biological research, healthcare and industrial applications. Led by co-founder and chief executive Gordon Sanghera, revenues hit £52.1m last year. It has secured £529m in venture capital funding, including £48m in May.

We have established teams that work in different locations to push forward new generations of our technology. We have long-term innovation groups working on next-generation platforms. Sustainable innovation is key – how will we be disrupted and how do we disrupt ourselves?”

Gordon Sanghera, CEO, Nanopore




Location: Oxford
Established: 2015

Navenio is transforming hospitals globally by enabling healthcare teams to be in the right place at the right time. Navenio’s system tasks healthcare teams based on their location, achieving dramatic results where output is doubled, hidden capacity is unlocked and services to patients and between teams are transformed. 

As a spin-out of Oxford University, Navenio’s roots have been embedded in the city from the very beginning. The city is full of great potential and has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, despite the challenges of COVID-19. With health tech having a particularly strong presence in Oxford, we’re proud of the work Navenio has done this year to mitigate infection rise and help hospitals become more efficient. I am certain that the future is bright for the next wave of start-ups in the region.

Niki Trigoni, CTO / Co-Founder, Navenio 



Location: Southampton
Established: 2017

Founded by Dr Agnieszka Janeczek & James Otter, Renovos is pioneering a nanoclay gel technology platform for medical applications to address the unmet need for long term tissue regeneration. This technology has the potential to offer safer, more economic clinical solutions for health systems, and better outcomes for patients.

Every success that we have in the future is a joint success for the University of Southampton

Dr Agnieszka Janeczek, Founder, Renovos 




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