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5G Testbed Accelerator - Our Fourth Cohort

What an achievement! Our fourth cohort for the 5G Testbed Accelerator have completed their 20 week programme, in collaboration with Digital Catapult.

The programme empowers companies to discover, develop and test next-generation 5G.

Read more about the companies involved in the latest 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme, and see what they got up to:

BB Studio

Bushra Burge (Founder and Creative Director of the award winning BB Studio) used the programme to create an immersive VR experience using mindful reflection to create personal, interactive stories that fuse multicultural elements of meditation.

The accelerator programme made me rethink how to design and develop rich multiplayer immersive worlds for a multicultural audience on different devices for a global outreach. It made me really consider how to distribute immersive worlds optimally and how we can interact in these worlds with the least amount of barriers without compromising on the cultural beauty.

We caught up with Bushra to see how the creation of her Brick Lane Festival went, read more here.

Overview Ark

Start-up Overview Ark specialise in creating multi-reality events, concerts and hybrid shows. They blend elements of Secret Cinema with live-streamed VR to create a platform for musicians, brands and artists to bridge the gap between real and virtual events for their audiences


5G technology enables us to run perfectly synchronised events, push millions of pixels and a large amount of data, with next to no latency and create compelling immersive experiences.

Find out more about Overview Ark

Photography startup, are developing the Alice Camera™, which combines all of the best elements from professional cameras into a single device, which attaches to the back of a smartphone. It mixes AI with traditional photography, to enable users to stream high-quality video content from various social media platforms.

5G will help creators using the Alice camera to stream content seamlessly, save their content online and also play around with visual effects and the ability to render mixed-reality assets.

Find out more about the Alice camera

The Round

The Round is an innovative new platform for theatre-makers to create and distribute live performances in Augmented Reality (AR). Built with motion capture experts and theatre visualisation specialists, it helps to distribute live performances directly to audiences’ homes around the world.

What we found when we came to The FuseBox in Brighton was that having that creative space to discuss the technology in relation to our ideas, spawned a whole load of new ideas. We started to come up with new things we hadn't thought of, and solutions to problems we hadn't discussed before.

FInd out more about The Round


Rippla enables real-time collaboration between musicians, bringing audiences unique, engaging and exclusive music events, live-streamed at home and into a live venue to create unforgettable music experiences.

We've been able to explore some of the challenges and find solutions to them - the low latency of 5G really allowed us to speed up the connections between remote collaborators. 

Find out more about Rippla’s app brings a new dimension to storytelling on mobile devices, transforming graphic novels into interactive experiences where the story and the characters adapt and react depending on how you play.

Find out more about


makeAMPLIFY is a collective of award-winning artists and technologists led by artistic directors Jennifer Irons and Zach Walker. They specialise in creating spectacular large-scale outdoor immersive events. 

The 5G testbed has really allowed us some time to really go through the technical weeds and details of building and delivering these kinds of experiences.

Find out more about makeAMPLIFY

Read more about the work we're doing with 5G

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