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How to Protect your IP

Did you know, your brand IP asset value is likely to be more valuable than the sum of all your other physical assets?

Trademarks, designs, copyright, website content, client details, staff identities, operating processes, and training materials are all part of your IP.

Last month, Clive Bonny, MD of members Strategic Management Partners, joined us for a Breakfast Session, in which he shares practical ways to protect and develop your brand and IP assets.

Catch up on the session here and get his top tips:

Clive's Top Tips

  1. Explore licensing as a strategy to multiply your revenues.
    Last year a part-time freelance trainer saw her income rise to £1 million.
  2. Google your brand names.
    If you see others listed they may be taking your enquiries. Trademarks can prevent that.
  3. Check you are not using a brand or company name already registered to a third party.
    If you are infringing they can claim up to half your past profits.
  4. Ensure any contractors supplying content then assign all IP to you.
    It's quick and easy to do this.
  5. Take advantage of free video tutorials and a free IP review
    Head to - you never know, it may save your business and your reputation.

Clive Bonny is a Certified IP consultant, advisor to Dragons Den and the UK Intellectual Property Office, Certified Mediator for IP infringements and Responsible Business Standards advisor.

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