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How to use the CV database

We help our community recruit for hundreds of digital, tech and media jobs on our Wired Sussex Jobs site each year; helping attract the best talent from all across the country.

We provide price points based on your company size and offer top tips to set yourself apart from the competition.

What are CV credits?

On the Wired Sussex jobs board, over 2,000 job seekers have uploaded their CVs to our database, enabling recruiters to headhunt candidates for direct contact. 

The way to access the contact details on a CV is through credits (1 credit is allocated per CV). Credits are added to your account after purchasing a job advert, or after buying a CV credit bundle.

Depending on the tier of job ad you have purchased, you’ll have a number of CV credits to use while your job ad is live on the Wired Sussex website. CV credits will be automatically available to use within 24 hours of posting your ad, and will remain live until one week after the job expires. 

CV credits are not included with the purchase of Standard ads. If you have bought an Enhanced job ad you’ll be able to download and view the details of 10 CVs; for Premium ads it’s 15.


Using CV credits

To use CV credits, first log into your recruiter account, and click on ‘CV search’ in the top left-hand tab. 

Using the CV search function, you can filter your search by categories in order to shortlist a range of CVs to view. 

There’s no limit to the number of keywords you could input to create your shortlist. You could input certain keywords relating to your job ad, for example level of education, programming languages and specific skills.

If you were looking for a senior marketing copywriter, for example, you might like to add the following keywords: marketing, SEO, copywriting, degree, management, analytics, Mailchimp, CMS, senior. Depending on the number of CVs shortlisted as a result of your search, you could add or reduce the number of keywords. 

You may notice that you’re unable to see the contact details on your chosen CVs. To access contact information, click into the CV and then click the ‘Unlock with credit’ button. This will use one of your credits to reveal the contact details on the CV, allowing you to contact the candidate directly. 

You can check the number of credits available to use in the top right tab: ‘Credit balance’.


CV credit bundles 

If you recruit with us often, you might find it helpful to buy CV credits in bundles, separate from your job ad purchases. 
CV credits bought as part of a bundle are available for use within one year of purchase.

CV credit bundle price points

CV credit prices for a small sized company (1-10 employees) are:
5 CV credits £35.00 + VAT
10 CV Credits £65 + VAT
CV credit prices for a  medium sized company (11-50 employees) are:
5 CV credits £55.00 + VAT
10 CV Credits £100 + VAT
CV credit prices for a large sized company  (50+ employees) are:
5 CV credits £75.00 + VAT
10 CV Credits £140.00 + VAT
Check out our blog post Recruiting with Wired Sussex for useful info on how to set yourself apart from other recruiters and see all our current packages.
Contact us on, or phone us on 01273 692888 to buy your CV credits via card or invoice payment.

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