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Why Our Sector Needs Collaboration

Whether you're working to create something impactful, diversifying your thinking processes, trying to encourage cross-pollination in your area of work or looking for a combination of skillsets to help your project soar, you would probably benefit from one thing: collaboration.

In this blog post, we will explore the power of collaboration and the role it plays in shaping the future of Sussex's digital landscape.

The Magic of Collaboration

Collaborative activity is at the heart of our community, and crucial to digital spaces in Sussex's tech cluster. With the increasing complexity of technology and the rapid pace of change (ChatGPT, anyone?), no single individual or organisation can keep up with the latest advancements on their own. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, we can stay ahead of the curve and continue to produce exciting work in an increasingly competitive market.

Collaborative Projects Drive Innovation

In recent years, we've seen some incredible examples of collaborative projects within our community. For instance, several Wired Sussex members and FuseBox residents have joined forces to develop cutting-edge virtual reality applications for industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment. Additionally, our members have been working on innovative smart city solutions that will make Brighton an even more connected and sustainable place to live and work. 

Put simply: pull in someone whose goal aligns with yours, but who has a completely different approach to getting there. Then watch what happens. 

The Importance of Knowledge Sharing

Being part of a larger community of digital, media and tech wizzes has another important aspect - everyone knows someone who knows what you're trying to find out! At Wired Sussex, we facilitate knowledge sharing by hosting informative and networking events such as Show & Tells, Lunch & Learns and Members' Meetups. We also provide a sign-posting service for all kinds of queries, from Freelancing 101 to what's the best VR headset on the market right now. 

Our aim is that you are able to use Wired Sussex as a go-to resource, helping you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, learn from peers, and form valuable connections that can lead to future collaborations. As we continue to support a culture of knowledge sharing, we hope to see even more groundbreaking projects and ideas emerging from our community.

Looking Forward: The Future of Sussex's Digital Landscape

It's our hope that Brighton and Sussex's tech sector will one day be recognized as one of the UK's most exciting and innovative digital hubs. All the ingredients are there. The companies that make up our sector contribute to a unique culture which results in a wealth of opportunities - unlocked by collaboration. 

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Chris Chowen

Hi, I'm Chris, Wired Sussex's Innovation and Technology Manager. I help to facilitate the Brighton Immersive Lab, offer support to the FuseBox residents and lead our programme of Brighton Immersive events.

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