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E-Learning in Sussex

E-learning is learning which is undertaken and/or delivered digitally. E-learning comprises a number of extremely useful ways to deliver learning or training efficiently, as it can be undertaken no matter your location, and often without the time constraints of in-person learning. It is not limited to digital, media and tech sectors but used and offered widely in all areas, from higher education to the public sector. 

Creating and delivering e-learning is therefore a business specialism with an enormous variety of applications. Sussex, renowned for its blend of creative energy and academic prowess thanks to Brighton and Sussex universities, has become an incubator for innovation in e-learning. 

Key Players in Sussex’s e-Learning Landscape

Elucidat, Totara Learning, Make Real and LEO Learning have all made considerable strides in transforming the e-learning landscape. We are proud to have all of these great companies in the Wired Sussex Membership community. 

  • Elucidat offers a cloud-based authoring platform used by leading global organisations to create, manage and measure e-learning outcomes. Elucidat provides companies with a tech-based solution that's both scalable and flexible, enabling them to train large numbers of employees.
  • On the other end of things, Totara Learning is on a mission to change how learning technologies are developed, delivered, and purchased. They champion open source, providing a learning management platform and an Enterprise Social Network designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across the extended enterprise.
  • Make Real has a wonderfully unique approach to e-learning, blending VR and AR technologies with “serious games” and physical installations. The result? Immersive learning experiences that push the boundaries of conventional learning methods. 
  • LEO Learning focuses on creating innovative solutions through a blend of creative thinking and deep technical understanding. Their offerings cover a broad spectrum, reflecting the diverse learning needs of their clients, which include the NHS Leadership Academy and British Airways.

What Sets Our Region Apart in the eLearning Field? 

The global e-learning market is expected to reach $374.3 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.2% from 2021 (according to Research and Markets). The high-speed growth of the sector is boosted by advancements in technology, evolving learning needs, and a paradigm shift caused by the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

The strength of Brighton (and Sussex more broadly) as a hub for tech in the UK has created a brilliantly supportive atmosphere for digital innovation, leading to the brilliant diversity of e-learning offerings that can be found in the region. The resultant creativity and adaptability in companies such as Elucidat, Totara Learning, Make Real and LEO Learning helps set Sussex's e-learning scene apart.

Looking Ahead: E-Learning in the Future

We’re really inspired by ​​how e-learning companies are harnessing emerging technologies and by their commitment to delivering impactful learning experiences—especially coming to the rescue during the pandemic! The way e-learning companies have produced exciting solutions to the challenges of new ways of working and learning epitomises the creativity and resilience of tech in our region.

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